Argentina's crush workers suspend strike threat pending fresh talks

23 Mar 2021 | Juan Pedro Tomas

Argentina’s oilseed workers union SOEA has confirmed that it has withdrawn the threat of further strike action at key Rosario export facilities while negotiations with the country’s government are progressing. 

The dispute stems from an earlier labour issue relating to workers at local crusher Buyatti and had triggered a 24-hour walkout across the San Lorenzo hub last Friday, which the union suspended after talks with the Argentine labour ministry got underway.  

The union confirmed it would not carry out protest actions or blockades at crushing plants or grain terminals in Argentina’s Rosario hub as it agreed to schedule the next meeting for Monday, March 29. 

“In the meantime, Buyatti is looking to improve its payment offer for the dismissed workers,” an industry source told Agricensus, with the crusher caving in on a key requirement of the strikers and pay the double compensation level that is expected under Argentine law. 

The dispute started last month, when local crusher and grain exporter Buyatti shutdown operations at its crushing facilities in Puerto San Martin, dismissing 84 workers from the plant in the greater Rosario region.

Major entities like Bunge and ADM were caught up in the disruption last week, and forced to suspend exports and crushing operations overnight at some of their plants.