Brazil to export 2.8 million mt of soybeans in December: Anec

14 Dec 2021 | Marcela Caetano

Brazil’s grain exporters’ association, Anec, increased its estimates for the country's grain exports in December and increased its soybean outlook for the month to 2.8 million mt, 17 times higher than the 161,024 mt shipped in December 2020, its latest report showed Tuesday.

The move amounted to a near 8% increase versus last week's estimate, when the organisation put its December export outlook at 2.6 million mt.

If the figure is confirmed, Brazil will export a record 86.9 million mt in 2021, while Brazil’s total exports were 82.3 million mt in 2020.

From January to November 2021, Brazil exported 84.1 million mt up 2.4% versus last year’s January to November volume of 82.1 million mt.


Corn exports were also increased, from last week’s 3.5 million mt to 3.9 million mt in December, up 2.5% compared to the volume from the same month last year.

Anec is still considering the possibility of shorter cargo loading, which could lead to actual exports falling to a range of 2.5 million mt and 3.5 million mt.

If the high-end figure is confirmed, Brazil’s corn exports would finish 2021 at 21.1 million mt, 36.7% lower than last year’s 33.4 million mt total shipments.

Brazil’s corn exports reached 17.2 million mt from January to November, 41.6% below the 29.6 million mt shipped in the same period last year.


Soymeal exports are also up from last week’s report and are now expected to reach 1.7 million mt in December, a 57.7% increase compared to last December.

Total volume is expected to reach 17 million mt in 2021,1.6% up on the year.

Brazilian soymeal shipments reached 15.3 million mt between January and November, versus 15.7 million mt in the same period last year.