Canada’s wheat exports down 65% week-over-week at 143k mt

13 Sep 2021 | Jocelyn Garcia

Canada's durum, barley, and canola exports increased week-over-week, while wheat exports observed a decline, with all grains figures down year-over-year, the latest data from the country’s agricultural ministry showed Monday.

Wheat exports from Canada fell 65% in the week to September 5 versus the previous week, with 143,200 mt leaving ports.

Total loadings of wheat during the first five weeks of the 2021/22 marketing year have reached 1.54 million mt, down by 6% from the same period of last year.

Amber durum exports picked up significantly this week with 133,900 mt, compared to last week’s 20,000 mt.

Total durum exports are now at 412,400 mt, down 17% from last year, with this week's number making up 32% of the that total figure.

Barley exports jumped by over 100% on the week, coming in at 1,300 mt, but leaving total volume since the start of the marketing year at only 4,200 mt, 87% behind last year’s pace.

Canola exports were up for the week at 77,100 mt, compared to 21,200 the previous week.

Total exports to date at 282,900 mt are behind the year-over-year figure of 867,400 mt.