Local transport restrictions hit grain supplies at Argentine ports: Ciara

25 Mar 2020 | Juan Pedro Tomas

Transport restrictions enforced by nearly 70 municipal governments in Argentina are currently affecting the normal supply of grain at local grain terminals, Gustavo Idigoras, head of the local oilseed crushing and exporters chamber Ciara-CEC, told Agricensus.

Idigoras said that the current scenario was negatively impacting normal grain supply to all ports in the country, but did not give a scale of the impact.

He said ports were still receiving grain, but at lower volumes compared to normal conditions.

According to a document by Ciara, several municipal governments in Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Cordoba, Catamarca and Chaco provinces were restricting lorries transporting grain and other agricultural supplies.

The province with the tightest measures was Santa Fe, with a total of 45 districts restricting the normal circulation of lorries.

Municipal governments are restricting freight transportation in their areas with the aim of preventing a higher widespread of the Covid-19 virus.

Soymeal and soyoil prices have rallied in Argentina over the past week as traders fear supply of both goods could be delayed.

Argentina is the world's biggest exporter of soymeal and soyoil.