Turkey's TMO books 250,000 mt of wheat, pays $4.40/mt more

18 Sep 2019 | Masha Belikova

Turkey's state buyer TMO has picked up another 250,000 mt of red milling wheat for October 15-November 6 delivery at an average price of $204.40/mt CFR, market sources told Agricensus on Wednesday.

The price is $4.40/mt higher versus the price previously paid by TMO in its last tender, which closed on September 3, when it booked the same volume of wheat.

Grainexport again sold the biggest portion, as the company secured 50,000 mt into Mersin and 30,000 mt to Derince.

ADM and Solaris also managed to secure 30,000 mt lots each, for Izmir and Iskanderun arrival at $205.89/mt and $207.50/mt CFR respectively.

Hakan Agro committed to deliver 20,000 mt at $206.90/mt CFR to Iskanderun and 10,000 mt at $203.50/mt CFR to Derince, while Orsett secured two 10,000 mt cargoes for Bandirma arrival at an average of $202.85/mt CFR.

Cargill also managed to sell two cargoes of 10,000 mt each at an average $203.20/mt CFR, destined for Derince and Tekirdag ports.

Erser also won two 10,000 mt parcels bound for Samsun and Tekirdag, with prices heard at $202.90/mt CFR and $203.40/mt CFR, while Samanci Gida sold 10,000 mt at $202/mt CFR Trabzon and a similar cargo at $202.60/mt CFR Samsun.

On its last tender in early September TMO booked 190,000 mt with 13.5% paying an average $201.35/mt CFR and 60,00 mt with 12.5% at an average $197.8/mt CFR, all for September 10-27 shipment.

For more information about previous TMO’s purchases, please see our Tender Dashboard.