Ukraine exports 568k mt of grain via rail during April

29 Apr 2022 | Yuriy Sirosh

Ukraine shipped 567,991 mt of grain via rail through April 27, with Poland continuing to be the biggest destination as the country struggles to export its huge stocks after deep seaports were blocked amid the Russian invasion, forcing more exports onto the rail tracks, data seen by Agricensus showed on Friday.

Exporters in Ukraine have traditionally loaded around 98% of grain shipments through the seaports, but have had to redirect shipments amid the ongoing war in the country, moving deliveries to rail borders with European countries in order to be able to move shipments further out of Ukraine in order to load big vessels. 

During the reported period between April 1- April 27 grains dispatched by rail amounted to 567,991 mt, while veg oils totaled at 61,007 mt.

Exports of grain across the border to Poland amounted to 207,631 mt, or 37 percent of the reported tonnage.

Izov continues to be the most popular and busiest border point, taking the biggest part of exported volumes of grains and veg oils through the Polish border.
Also, during the reported period 135,187 mt of grains were shipped through the Hungarian border at Chop (76,618 mt) and Batyevo (56,569 mt).

Dispatches through the Romanian and Moldavian border also increased as a result of almost absent alternatives on the way to Romania's Port Constanta.

Highlighting these movements, 86,256 mt of grain passed through Romanian Vadul-Siret and Dyakovo border points, while 33,185 mt of grain passed through the Moldavian border points of Mohyliv-Podilskyi and Sokyriany.

Meanwhile 87,825 mt of grain was addressed to the shallow-water ports of Reni and Izmail and 17,298 mt were headed to the Odessa and Chornomorsk seaports.
Surprisingly, 609 mt of grain was moved through Khorobichi border point to Belarus, most likely to be soybeans.

In veg oils, export through the Polish border came in at 36,002 mt, also the biggest part of the total exports shipped through Izov (27,798 mt). In addition, 37,006 mt of the meal also passed through Izov.

The point Batyevo (Hungarian border) passed through 18,957,mt of veg oils and 8,655 of meal.

Limited volume was reported through the Romanian border points of Vadul-Siret and Dyakovo at 270 mt of veg oils and 914 mt of meal.

Moldavian border points Mohyliv-Podilskyi and Sokyriany passed through 4,096 mt of veg oils and 940 mt of meal. The cargo is most likely going to Romanian Port Constanta as this is the less busy route.

Wrapping up the data was 183 mt of veg oils and 841 mt of meal were addressed to Izmail.