Ukraine's weekly corn exports up 21% to 1 mln mt

24 Dec 2020 | Masha Belikova

Ukraine’s corn export increased by up to 21% to 1 million mt in the week ending December 24, weekly data from the country’s agriculture ministry showed Thursday.

The amount pushed total exports since the start of the July 1 marketing year to date to 8.6 million mt, down 22% compared with the same stage of 2019.

Weekly wheat exports remained stable at 152,000 mt, moving the total to 12.4 million mt, 14% lower than through the same dates last year.

That leaves 5.1 million mt in total or around 196,000 mt per week for export within the earlier agreed quota of 17.5 million mt.

Barley exports were almost absent for a second consecutive week, with totals stable at 3.7 million mt, only 1% up year-on-year.