1 Jul 2024 | Masha Belikova
The Russian government has changed its tax calculation formula on wheat exports, bringing it down significantly for the July 3-9 period, the country's Ministry of Agriculture said on Friday June 28.
The Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA), the trade lobby in state bodies, called on the Ukrainian government to suspend the minimum export price mechanism implementation amid concerns over potential negative effects, a note on the organization's website showed on Thursday June 20.
13 Jun 2024 | Masha Belikova
The Ukrainian government is preparing to implement a minimum export price mechanism as it takes another step toward re-exerting control over a non-official trade in exports of grains and oilseeds, according to an official note published on Ukraine's agriculture ministry website early on Thursday June 13.
12 Jun 2024 | Masha Belikova
Turkish state-owned grains agency TMO has set a minimum export price for durum wheat, an official document showed late on Tuesday June 11, confirming market chatter prior to the announcement.
7 Jun 2024 | Masha Belikova
The Russian government has increased the wheat export tax, leaving the corn and barley tariff at zero for June 12-18 period, the country's Ministry of Agriculture reported on its website on Friday June 7.
The Turkish government has announced measures to protect domestic agricultural producers, and will ban wheat imports between June 21 and October 15 this year, according to documents seen by Fastmarkets late on Thursday June 6.
27 May 2024 | Masha Belikova
The Russian government has allocated another 262,000 tonnes of its grain export quota, along with a plan to revise up the basis price for the wheat export duty...
With the war in Ukraine ongoing, the government has started to implement measures to bring more people into the army, with a new law implemented from May 18 that all enlisted men are obligated to renew their data in the defense ministry system...
21 May 2024 | Jane Li
Tang Renjian, the minister of China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, has been put under investigation by the country’s anti-corruption watchdog...
20 May 2024 | Tim Worledge
US biofuel groups have reacted to a petition that has been lodged with the US Supreme Court. The petition challenges a lower court’s decision that it was itself able to consider an appeal from conventional oil refiners over a long-running complaint focusing on small refinery exemptions (SREs).
13 May 2024 | Masha Belikova
The pace of the Indian government’s annual wheat procurement program has slowed down compared with 2023, with government figures showing that 24.9 million tonnes...
7 May 2024 | Masha Belikova
The Russian government has cut its existing grain export quotas for a number of exporters, including the second largest exporter trading house Rif, according to an official document from the agriculture ministry released on Monday May 6.
23 Apr 2024 | Regina Koh
Malaysia has raised its crude palm oil (CPO) reference price for May to 4,273.93 ringgit ($893) per tonne from the previous...
22 Apr 2024 | Masha Belikova
The Russian government has established an additional 5 million tonne grain export quota, and increased the share that individual exporters...
9 Apr 2024 | Jane Li
China has vowed to boost its grain output by more than 100 billion catties (50 million tonnes) by 2030 in a new action plan issued by the country’s state council on Tuesday April 9, with a focus on increasing corn and soybean production.
29 Mar 2024 | Masha Belikova
Russian grain export taxes continued to rise for the upcoming April 3 to 9 period, an official note from the country’s agriculture ministry showed Friday...
28 Mar 2024 | Min Jie Yaw
Indonesia has raised its crude palm oil (CPO) reference price to $857.62 per tonne for the month of April...
26 Mar 2024 | Masha Belikova
The Russian government has allocated the remaining 10% of the 24 million tonne grain export quota for the period February 15-June 30...
25 Mar 2024 | Masha Belikova
Russia’s Ministry of Agriculture cut its sunflower meal export duty again and kept its tariff for sunflower oil at zero for the month...
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