5 Apr 2018 | Reese Ewing
Brazil’s fledgling corn ethanol industry is expected to triple its output in the current April-March fiscal year to 1.5 billion liters, consuming 3.75 million mt of the grain from the center-west growing region, Glauber de Silva president at Aprosoja told Agricensus.
5 Apr 2018 | Andy Allan
A 9% jump in soybean crush margins and the prospect of trade talks between the US and China has helped soybean futures contracts rebound from a near two-month low, source said late Wednesday and early Thursday.
4 Apr 2018 | Andy Allan
China is to tax US soybean imports 25%, according to a statement from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce released Wednesday, which also targeted corn and durum wheat.
4 Apr 2018 | Tim Worledge
They called it devastating, damaging and spoke of a 70% collapse in US soy exports – at every level the US soybean industry has responded to China’s 25% tax on soybean exports with a chorus of dismay.
4 Apr 2018 | Tom Houghton
Russian wheat sellers will continue to find government support as export duties are set to remain at zero, the deputy prime minister told local press Tuesday.
4 Apr 2018 | Andy Allan, Rei Geyssens
China’s decision to tax US soybean imports took the market by surprise on Wednesday, with soybean futures tumbling 4% in minutes, but the end of the US harvest means the real pain for US farmers won’t be felt for months, which could provide breathing space for a solution to be found.
China is recalibrating its farmer subsidies to give soybean plantings an economic edge over corn in four of the country’s northern provinces, according to a joint statement from the ministry of agriculture and the ministry of finance published Tuesday.
3 Apr 2018 | Andy Allan
Argentina is to levy taxes on exports of soybean, soymeal and soyoil on the date of the shipment rather than the date of sale, the ministry of agriculture said Tuesday, a move that is meant to unlock forward sales of the goods.
3 Apr 2018 | Rei Geyssens
The Chinese government implemented its proposed tariffs on various agriculture products as off April 2 as a retaliation to the US’s recent steel and aluminium tariffs but remained silent on any potential tariff on US soybeans.
29 Mar 2018 | John McGarrity
UN proposals to curb emissions from shipping will next week meet resistance from Brazil and Argentina, in view of the likely increased costs to commodities producers from near-term curbs on the speed of ships.
29 Mar 2018 | Andy Allan
European buyers of Brazilian soybeans are reportedly unwinding some of their deals and sourcing product from the US Gulf instead due to arbitrage opportunities triggered by fears of a trade war.
29 Mar 2018 | Tom Houghton
The agricultural trade on the Black Sea has become inadvertently caught up in the fallout of a banking scandal in Latvia and Estonia, with accounts summarily frozen, leading to losses and payment delays, market sources told Agricensus this week.
29 Mar 2018 | Rei Geyssens, Johnny Huang
Domestic soymeal prices in China were supported by market uncertainty even as fears of soybeans being caught in a trade war started to fade, the China National Grain & Oil Information Centre said in a weekly report Thursday.
28 Mar 2018 | Rei Geyssens
US farm prices of soybeans would fall 4-5% in the short term if China introduced tariffs on the oilseed as a result of its trade spat with the US, Dutch bank Rabobank said in a report Wednesday.
28 Mar 2018 | Tom Houghton
A European Commission initiative to improve price transparency in Europe’s agricultural industry and make the market more efficient has met resistance from the main lobby group for Europe’s food and drink industry.
28 Mar 2018 | Juan Pedro Tomas
Argentine oilseed crushing workers are warning that they will take indefinite strike action in the coming weeks that would impact activity at grain terminals across the country, Sergio Diaz, representative of the SOEAR oilseed crushers union, told Agricensus.
26 Mar 2018 | Tim Worledge, Johnny Huang
Timely ethanol import data from the Chinese government has underscored a potential snub on US exports, as China imported more US ethanol in February than at any other time in the last two years.
26 Mar 2018 | Tom Houghton
A convoluted import policy and a risk premium to compensate for the cost of doing business means Egypt can expect to pay as much as $80 million above the wheat market price in 2018, according to a report published Monday by the USDA’s local office in Cairo.
26 Mar 2018 | Andy Allan
Chinese imports of US soybeans fell by 25% in February compared with the same month a year earlier as Brazil's bumper crop displaced US farmer supply, customs data showed Monday.
23 Mar 2018 | Andy Allan
Premiums for Brazilian beans over Chicago physical futures rocketed around 10-15 cents per bushel on Friday on a spate of Chinese buying, according to three brokers.
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