Algeria issues tender for 50,000 mt wheat for July shipment

8 May 2023 | Mark Shenk

Algeria’s state grain importer launched a fresh tender for milling wheat for July shipment on Monday.

The Office Algerien Interprofessional des Cereales (OAIC) issued the tender and invited offers for a nominal 50,000 mt of optional origin milling wheat for shipment during the July 1-15 and July 16-31 periods.

If the wheat is coming from South America, India, or Australia the date will be advanced by a month. 

OAIC requested US hard red winter wheat #2, Canadian western red spring #2, or similar grades from other exporters.

The tender is set to close on Wednesday, May 10, and typically the agency purchases substantially more than 50,000 mt.

At its latest tender, which was for small ports, OAIC booked an unspecified amount of wheat for May 16-July 31 delivery and paid in the range of $295-296/mt CFR, with the expected source being EU members along the Black Sea.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, Algeria is expected to import around 8.2 million mt in the 2022/23 marketing year, the highest level since 2016/17 

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