AgriCensus Daily Price Assessments:
graph prices
USD $/mt Spot+/- M1+/- M2+/- SP M1 M2
Corn clear selection
CIF Korea xxxx xxxx xxxx
FOB Ukraine xxxx xxxx xxxx
CPT Ukraine xxxx          
CIF NW Europe xxxx          
FOB Argentina xxxx xxxx xxxx
FOB Brazil xxxx xxxx xxxx
CIF US Gulf Barge xxxx xxxx xxxx
FOB US Gulf xxxx xxxx xxxx
FOB US PNW xxxx xxxx xxxx
graph prices
USD $/mt Spot+/- SP
Freight (weekly) clear selection
B Sea - SE Asia xxxx
B Sea - Persian Gulf xxxx
B Sea- N Africa xxxx
B Sea - W Med xxxx
Azov - Marmara xxxx
Caspian xxxx
BRA - NE Asia xxxx
ARG - NE Asia xxxx
USG - NE Asia xxxx
PNW - NE Asia xxxx

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