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13 hours ago | Andy Allan
Corn and soybean futures rose during early trade on Tuesday after the USDA released data overnight that showed...
7 hours ago | Thomas Hughes
A plunge in the value of the Brazilian real is set to aid farmer sales of soybeans in the country, with prices for cargoes...
8 hours ago | Masha Belikova
The Philippines will increase corn and sorghum plantings and allow the import of 300,000 mt of corn this year, as demand...
15 hours ago | Tom Houghton
Overall US winter wheat conditions showed little sign of being affected by heavy rains and flooding that have hit other parts...
Market Commentary
Wheat Commentary
3 hours ago
Futures traded higher overnight and carried that momentum into the early session before giving up ground later in...
Corn Commentary
4 hours ago
The seventh consecutive gain in futures prices marked the confirmation that US corn planting continues to lag well behind...
Soybean Commentary
4 hours ago
Soybean futures had a turbulent day on Tuesday, initially spiking on USDA planting data that showed farmers...

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Editor's Pick
20 May 2019 | Tom Houghton
Wheat futures rallied to six-and-a-half-week highs after a series of severe weather warnings were issued by in...
20 May 2019 | Tom Houghton
Net profit at the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) slipped almost 30% after it was forced to set aside $36 million in reserves...
20 May 2019 | Andy Allan
The US may never recover its market share of soybean imports to China, an official from the US Soybean Export Council...
A rise in EU corn plantings could dent Ukraine’s export outlook as the country’s number one customer boosts its domestic supply...
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17 May 2019 | Andy Allan, Johnny Huang
Sinograin and Cofco have started to aggressively snap up South American soybean supply with at least 8 cargoes being bought...
16 May 2019 | Andy Allan
The head of agribusiness major Bunge said the impact on feed prices and the trade flows of meat and soybeans from...
15 May 2019 | Andy Allan
Soybean, corn and wheat future surged for the second straight day on Wednesday as funds rushed to cover shorts amid...
17 May 2019
Our weekly review of the main movements in global cash markets...
More News
3 hours ago | Thomas Hughes
New farmer aid plans, leaked to Bloomberg on Tuesday, have caused Chicago soybean futures to...
5 hours ago | Tim Worledge
A substantial rise in corn futures prices has pitched US ethanol production margins into negative territory and stoked fresh...
5 hours ago | Andy Allan
The volume of soybeans crushed in Argentina last month rose to 3.8 million mt in April, up 900,000 mt on the month...
5 hours ago | Thomas Hughes
The US has had a record slow start to planting both corn and soybeans this year, propelling futures over the past...
6 hours ago | Tom Houghton
Ethiopia has taken its milling wheat buying in the past fortnight to the 1 million mt mark, picking up another...
6 hours ago | Rei Geyssens
The estimated output of the upcoming EU wheat crop was revised upwards to 140.3 million mt as recent rains have...
11 hours ago | Thomas Hughes
Brazil exported 6.14 million mt of soybeans in the third working week of May, up by...
11 hours ago | Masha Belikova
Taiwan Flour Millers Association (FMA) has bought two panamax-size cargoes of US-origin milling wheat, paying $10/mt more...
11 hours ago | Rei Geyssens
The harvest of corn in Brazil’s top growing state of Mato Grosso has started ahead of last year and the five-year...
APM Commentary & Rationale
5 hours ago
Agricensus assessed the APM-16 Sunoil FOB Ukraine price unchanged on the day...
12 hours ago
Agricensus assessed the APM-6 Soybean CFR China price up $5.75/mt on the day...