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15 hours ago | Masha Belikova
Saudi Arabia's state grain buying agency SAGO has purchased 900,0000 mt of feed barley, paying 14.5% less than it did for...
10 hours ago | Tim Worledge
Brazil’s FOB Santos corn market traded at a $0.03/bu discount to the underlying July corn futures...
15 hours ago | Johnny Huang
Demand for soybeans at state auctions in China fell around 15% this week amid weak demand for animal feed, data from a...
13 hours ago | Johnny Huang
Chinese soybean importers have hit the brakes on buying for a second consecutive week given poor...
Market Commentary
Wheat Commentary
6 hours ago
Wheat was up on Monday as anecdotal evidence continued to emerge from the US of crop disease and...
Corn Commentary
5 hours ago
Disappointing outright corn export inspection figures were redressed by signs that China was following through on its...
Soybean Commentary
6 hours ago
Futures rose Monday amid concerns over wet ground and rain in pockets of the Midwest while...
Vegoils Commentary
7 hours ago
Palm oil eased at the start of the week on prospects of slowing export demand weighed down by softer soyoil...

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Editor's Pick
19 Jun 2019 | Tim Worledge, Andy Allan
Wild swings in corn futures are expected to continue in the weeks ahead as the trade struggles to interpret key USDA data that...
21 Jun 2019 | Johnny Huang
China has banned imports of pig and its products from its southern neighbour Laos as outbreaks of African swine fever...
21 Jun 2019
Our weekly review of the main movements in global cash markets...
21 Jun 2019 | Tom Houghton
New laws in Ukraine that allow for ownership of agricultural land could be in place by as early as 2020...
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20 Jun 2019 | Tim Worledge
Corn exports out of Brazil have been far slower than expected in June, as quality concerns caused by wet weather...
19 Jun 2019 | Tim Worledge, Andy Allan
Wild swings in corn futures are expected to continue in the weeks ahead as the trade struggles to interpret key USDA data that...
16 May 2019 | Andy Allan
The head of agribusiness major Bunge said the impact on feed prices and the trade flows of meat and soybeans from...
10 May 2019 | Rei Geyssens
Singapore-based Wilmar International - one of the top two soybean crushers in China - has seen earnings in its...
More News
7 hours ago | Tom Houghton
US wheat export inspections were on target last week as big volumes were loaded to meet a...
7 hours ago | Thomas Hughes
Export inspections for US soybeans reached 682,155 mt for the week ending 20 June, largely...
Despite a burst of optimism regarding Turkey’s political trajectory that briefly...
8 hours ago | Tom Houghton
Taiwan’s Flour Millers’ Association (FMA) booked 83,200 mt of US-origin wheat at a tender that closed...
8 hours ago | Tim Worledge
US corn export inspections for last week came in at 617,740 mt, just at the bottom end of analysts’ expectations...
8 hours ago | Masha Belikova
Weekly wheat exports from EU have again slumped to the new year's low, as 28,899 were exported during the week
Zimbabwe’s Grain Marketing Board will tender for 200,000 mt of wheat to bolster domestic supply as the country looks to stave...
11 hours ago | Tim Worledge
The quality concerns that slowed deliveries of corn to FOB export hubs are dissipating, as Brazil’s second...
13 hours ago | Rei Geyssens
Argentina's agriculture ministry has increased its outlook for the country's wheat planting area despite ongoing fears around rain...
APM Commentary & Rationale
7 hours ago
Agricensus assessed the APM-16 Sunoil FOB Ukraine price up $7/mt on the day...
13 hours ago
Agricensus assessed the APM-6 Soybean CFR China price down $5.5/mt on the day...