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6 hours ago | Andy Allan, Rei Geyssens
A slump in spot demand from India and fears that a general quarantine in Argentina could last for several...
2 hours ago | Tim Worledge
Brazil, one of the world's largest corn exporters, could face a surplus of corn over the coming weeks...
7 hours ago | Vika Blazhko
Russia has officially banned the export of soybeans and sunseeds until June 30 in an effort to “help stabilize the economic...
5 hours ago | Alex Riabukha
Algeria, one of the largest wheat buyers in the world, is expected to reduce its imports by 1.5 million mt in the 2020/21...
Market Commentary
Wheat Commentary
23 hours ago
US end stock and plantings report introduced some volatility to the wheat market on Tuesday and shook up patterns...
Corn Commentary
23 hours ago
Corn futures shrugged off fears around US stocks and a further major expansion of the expected planted area in 2020/21, to...
Soybean Commentary
23 hours ago
Lower than expected results from the USDA in its prospective plantings gave soybean futures a...
Vegoils Commentary
23 hours ago
Malaysian palm oil futures slid back down on demand concerns following India’s lockdown and shook off...

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Editor's Pick
Vietnam’s animal feed sector is facing supply restrictions on numerous fronts as fears over supply of corn...
18 Mar 2020 | John McGarrity
US ethanol producers have called upon the Trump administration to take action will restore ‘lost’ gallons from refinery exemption...
12 Mar 2020 | Andy Allan, Rei Geyssens
With governments around the world quarantining cities and the US banning all flights from many EU countries...
10 Mar 2020 | Tom Houghton
Turkey and Bangladesh’s wheat import forecasts were raised in the USDA’s monthly Wasde report, with Russia...
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25 Mar 2020 | Juan Pedro Tomas
Transport restrictions enforced by nearly 70 municipal governments in Argentina are currently...
30 Mar 2020 | Johnny Huang
Domestic futures in China ranging from soymeal to palm oil all jumped on Monday as traders built...
26 Mar 2020 | Tim Worledge
Hit by collapsing biofuel prices and facing record-high domestic corn prices, Brazil’s burgeoning ethanol sector is releasing...
27 Mar 2020 | Tim Worledge
Fears over Vietnam’s ability to lift corn and other animal feeds from the Americas has resulted in domestic traders booking up...
More News
38 minutes ago | Tom Houghton
Algeria’s state grain importer returned to the market looking to buy wheat for the third time a week and is now looking...
1 hour ago | Alex Riabukha
Traders on the Euronext exchange heavily added longs on wheat futures in the week to March 27
1 hour ago | Johnny Huang
Soybean crush margins in China has tanked to the lowest level in more than a week as domestic soymeal and soyoil futures...
2 hours ago | Tim Worledge
US daily ethanol production fell by 165,000 barrels a day in the week to March 27, to record its biggest fall since the Energy...
3 hours ago | Alex Riabukha
Tunisia’s state grain importer booked another 75,000 mt of durum wheat at a tender that closed on Wednesday, paying...
6 hours ago | Tim Worledge
South Korea’s corn processing association Kocopia has secured a 55,000 mt cargo of US corn in another sign that worries over...
23 hours ago | Masha Belikova
Algeria’s state grain importer booked around 240,000 mt of milling wheat in a tender that closed on Tuesday, paying...
31 Mar 2020 | Thomas Hughes
Corn futures fell 2% on Tuesday after the results of the USDA’s prospective planting survey showed that the...
31 Mar 2020 | Andy Allan
US corn stocks as of the start of the month were 7.95 billion bu (201 million mt), the USDA said...
APM Commentary & Rationale
18 Sep 2019
Agricensus assessed the APM-16 Sunoil FOB Ukraine price up $1/mt on the day...
20 Nov 2019
Agricensus assessed the APM-6 Soybean CFR China price up $1.5/mt on the day...