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3 hours ago | Tim Worledge
South Korea’s biggest feed maker, Nonghyup Feed Inc (NOFI) surprised the industry with the biggest corn buy tender...
1 hour ago | Masha Belikova
Algeria's state grain buyer picked up between 400,000-450,000 mt of milling wheat in a tender that closed Tuesday, paying 7%...
23 hours ago | Johnny Huang
China’s Henan province has suspended all trade in live poultry and closed markets as the threat of ongoing human-transmittable...
20 hours ago | Alex Riabukha
An agriculture lobby group has condemned strikes in France that threaten to prolong industrial action...
Market Commentary
Wheat Commentary
15 hours ago
US wheat futures shot higher again on Tuesday as markets reopened after a long weekend, with cash prices...
Corn Commentary
15 hours ago
Futures returned from the US holiday with a soft $0.02/bu fall across much of the curve – a relatively modest fall amid poor...
Soybean Commentary
15 hours ago
US soybean futures fell on Tuesday as the window for any possibility of new Chinese purchases...
Vegoils Commentary
15 hours ago
Malaysian palm oil futures fell on Tuesday on concerns of weaker export demand from major importers which...

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Editor's Pick
15 Jan 2020 | Andy Allan
On Wednesday China pledged to purchase $200 billion more of US goods and services...
10 Jan 2020 | Tim Worledge
The January Wasde update caught many on the hop, as the USDA again bucked expectations on production, but rebalanced the...
10 Jan 2020 | Tom Houghton
Wheat market reaction was muted on Friday as the USDA delivered a Wasde report that showed slightly...
10 Jan 2020 | Thomas Hughes
In the first Wasde report of the year, expectations of a cut to US ending stocks were not met...
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15 Jan 2020 | Andy Allan
On Wednesday China pledged to purchase $200 billion more of US goods and services...
17 Jan 2020 | Thomas Hughes
China is likely to only achieve 50-60% of total US grain and oilseed phase one import targets from the...
17 Jan 2020 | Tom Houghton
Tunisia's state grain buyer rounded out of a busy week of trading for the grains cash market, booking durum wheat...
17 Jan 2020 | Rei Geyssens
The European Union said it is analysing the phase one trade deal between the US and China and will call upon the...
More News
17 hours ago | Alex Riabukha
Export inspections of US wheat totaled 435,129 mt in the week to January 16 and were at the lower end of analysts’...
17 hours ago | Tim Worledge
US corn export inspections fell by almost 25%, dipping below the forecasts of analysts as buying from Asia slowed and...
17 hours ago | Juan Pedro Tomas
Argentine crusher Vicentin has inked a toll agreement to crush 100,000 mt of sunflower seeds...
17 hours ago | Thomas Hughes
Soybeans inspected for export in US ports rose slightly last week as...
18 hours ago | Tim Worledge
The lack of confirmation of China buying of US corn is “concerning” according to trade sources, after rumours swept...
18 hours ago | Rei Geyssens
China will start buying US agriculture produce ahead of the usual export rush in the autumn in order to hit....
19 hours ago | Juan Pedro Tomas
Argentine rural associations plan to launch concrete protest actions including the suspension...
19 hours ago | Masha Belikova
Jordan's grain state buyer MIT booked its second new crop wheat cargo in the space of a week as it continues to cover...
20 hours ago | Vika Blazhko
Kernel’s sunoil sales during the quarter ended December 2019 slumped 9% on the year despite its...
APM Commentary & Rationale
18 Sep 2019
Agricensus assessed the APM-16 Sunoil FOB Ukraine price up $1/mt on the day...
20 Nov 2019
Agricensus assessed the APM-6 Soybean CFR China price up $1.5/mt on the day...