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23 Feb 2018 |
Pressure for a backdated solution to the Section 199A tax situation affecting the US agriculture sector is building as National Grain and Feed Association president Randy Gordon revealed that one ‘lone remaining issue’ is still to be addressed.
23 Feb 2018 | ,
A combination of greater competition, low prices, and new domestic storage capacity are starting to weigh on Ukraine’s wheat and corn exports in the 2017/18 marketing year, Agricensus analysis has shown.
23 Feb 2018 |
An influx of US corn exports to Vietnam is the by-product of a DDGS deal thrashed out between the two countries in November 2017, and could see Vietnam emerging as a regular export destination for US corn.
23 Feb 2018 |
The fears around La Nina now appear warranted, forcing soybean prices on the Board to rally 7% since the start of the year, and leaving traders to speculate how high can futures go while US stocks still grow.
Market Commentary
Wheat Commentary
23 Feb 2018
Futures saw little change Friday as the market rounded out a largely uneventful week, with volumes down as the bulk of trading started to move in earnest from the March to the May contract on both the major US contracts.
Corn Commentary
23 Feb 2018
Corn ended the day down on the overnight settle as generally supportive data failed again to support any degree of upward momentum as the front month futures contract closed down half a cent at $3.6625/bu.
Soy Commentary
23 Feb 2018
Futures extended a seven-month high and were poised to rise for the third straight week as the market shrugged off some bearish export news and focussed on Argentina’s crop issues and China returned to purchasing.
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AgriCensus Daily Price Assessments: 23 Feb 2018
USD $/mt spot +/- Month 1 +/- Month 2 +/-
FOB W. Aus APW 10.5% 235.75 -0.50 235.25 -0.75 237.25 -0.75
FOB Russia 12.5% 203.00 +0.25 203.00 +0.50 204.25 +0.50
FOB Ukraine 10.5% 187.75 +1.00 187.50 +0.75 188.25 +1.00
CIF Tarragona 11% 201.50 +1.00
FOB Argentina 12% 188.00 0.00 187.25 -0.25 190.25 -0.25
FOB US Gulf HRW 11% 226.00 -0.50 225.50 -0.50 227.50 -0.50
FOB US PNW SW 10% 209.75 -1.75 209.25 -1.75 211.25 -1.75
CIF Korea 201.75 0.00 201.00 0.00 203.00 0.00
FOB Ukraine 181.00 0.00 180.75 0.00 181.25 0.00
CIF NW Europe 201.00 0.00
FOB Argentina 175.25 -0.25 176.75 -0.25 172.75 0.00
FOB Brazil 182.75 -0.25 183.50 -0.25 181.75 0.00
FOB US Gulf 169.00 +0.25 169.75 +0.25 169.75 +0.25
CIF China 438.50 +1.50
CIF Netherlands 421.50 +1.50
FOB Brazil 405.25 +1.25 405.25 +1.50 405.25 +1.00
FOB Argentina 405.00 +1.00 405.00 +1.25 405.00 +0.75
FOB US Gulf 399.00 +1.75 398.25 +1.75 400.25 +1.50

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Editor's Pick
22 Feb 2018 |
A dearth of rain triggered by the La Nina weather phenomenon has prompted the Rosario Exchange to cut its forecast of Argentina’s 2017/2018 corn and soybean crop by 12% and 10%, respectively, making it one of the most bearish analysts in the market.
21 Feb 2018 |
Bad weather on the main railway lines to the ports of the Pacific Northwest is causing major delays in moving corn for export, market sources said Wednesday.
21 Feb 2018 |
Egypt’s state-run grains buyer GASC was back in the market Wednesday, buying 120,000 mt of Russian wheat for 0.6% more than its previous tender.
19 Feb 2018 |
Soybean farmers have urged the US Administration to tread cautiously when considering whether to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports as they fear retaliatory action that could further “hobble” their industry.
Popular last 7 days
20 Feb 2018 |
Corn prices in the Brazilian domestic market are finding support as the crop reaches the end of its supply and uncertainty clouds expectations for the upcoming safrinha crop.
21 Feb 2018 |
Glencore said Wednesday it was seeking to grow its agriculture business and was keen on growing revenue through acquisitions.
20 Feb 2018 |
A growing shortage of high quality milling wheat and consistent demand will push Russian wheat prices higher, Russian logistics operator RusAgroTrans said in a report Tuesday.
19 Feb 2018 |
Russian wheat exports hit their highest weekly total since December as weather issues subsided and sellers made efforts to clear a backlog of delayed vessels, data from the ministry of agriculture showed Monday.
More News
23 Feb 2018 |
Brazil’s soybean harvest reached 25% of the expected planted area on Thursday, private consultants AgRural said in a weekly report Friday, up eight percentage points on the week.
23 Feb 2018 |
US net export sales for soybean in the week ending February 15 confounded the market by coming in negative on Friday, with corn marginally outstripping analyst estimates at 1.55 million mt and wheat sold in line with trade guesses.
23 Feb 2018 |
French soft wheat estimated to be in "good to excellent" condition is at a four year low at 85%, down eight percentage points on the same stage last year, data from French governmental agency FranceAgriMer showed Friday.
23 Feb 2018 |
Tender results for a spate of South Korean corn buyers show a mixed picture, as trading sources warn that price-sensitive end users are growing wary of higher corn prices.
22 Feb 2018 | ,
Buenos Aires Grain Exchange became the latest analysts to slash their estimates of the battered Argentinian harvest on Thursday, cutting its soybean forecast to 47 million mt and its corn to 37 million mt.
22 Feb 2018 |
US ethanol production climbed in the week ending February 16, adding 52,000 barrels a day to hit 1.068 million barrels a day, data from the EIA showed Thursday.
22 Feb 2018 |
EU wheat exports continue to lose ground on previous years, with 135,143 mt of wheat leaving in the week to February 21, data from the European Commission showed Thursday.
22 Feb 2018 |
The USDA is forecasting that soybean and corn planted areas across the US will be at parity in 2018, with 90 million acres of land planted respectively for both soybean and corn, down from its long-range forecast of 91 million acres for each crop.
22 Feb 2018 |
The International Grains Council has trimmed its corn production forecast for 2017/18 to 1.048 billion mt from 1.054 billion mt in its January update on poor harvest prospects in Argentina, Brazil and South Africa.