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19 Feb 2018 |
Brazil exports of soybean got off to a slow start in February with just 586,000 mt of soybean sold in the first week and a half of the month while exports of corn reached 732,000 mt, more than in the whole of February 2017.
19 Feb 2018 |
Brazil’s soybean harvest is 17% in the bins, according to a survey by AgRural, down on 19% last year and down versus the five-year average of 26%.
19 Feb 2018 |
Ukraine’s corn farmers are facing severely pressured margins in the 2017/18 marketing year with the profitability of corn set to fell into single percentage points, a report from the Ukraine Grain Association said Monday.
19 Feb 2018 |
Russian wheat exports hit their highest weekly total since December as weather issues subsided and sellers made efforts to clear a backlog of delayed vessels, data from the ministry of agriculture showed Monday.
Market Commentary
Wheat Commentary
16 Feb 2018
With little in the way of new fundamentals to trade, talk of drought in the US remained the main topic of the day, but it was not enough to halt futures falling off on a stronger dollar and profit taking.
Corn Commentary
16 Feb 2018
Despite the stronger dollar, corn prices managed to nudge up fractionally at the end of the week, with the front month March futures contract reaching $3.68/bu as of 18:00 London time.
Soy Commentary
19 Feb 2018
Daily market commentary and all US, South American and China price assessments are suspended due to a national holiday in the US. 
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AgriCensus Daily Price Assessments: 16 Feb 2018
USD $/mt spot +/- Month 1 +/- Month 2 +/-
FOB W. Aus APW 10.5% 241.50 +1.00 241.50 +1.00 243.50 +1.00
FOB Russia 12.5% 204.00 +1.25 204.00 +1.25 203.50 +1.50
FOB Ukraine 10.5% 185.25 -1.50 185.25 -1.50 185.75 -1.50
CIF Tarragona 11% 199.00 -1.00
FOB Argentina 12% 181.50 +1.50 181.50 +1.50 185.50 +1.50
FOB US Gulf HRW 11% 225.25 +1.75 225.25 +1.75 227.25 +1.75
FOB US PNW SW 10% 207.00 -3.00 207.00 -3.00 209.00 -3.00
CIF Korea 200.00 0.00 200.00 0.00 200.75 0.00
FOB Ukraine 178.75 0.00 178.75 0.00 179.50 0.00
CIF NW Europe 198.75 0.00
FOB Argentina 175.75 -1.00 176.25 -0.75 172.50 -2.00
FOB Brazil 182.00 0.00 182.25 +0.25 181.25 +0.25
FOB US Gulf 169.25 +0.25 169.00 0.00 169.00 0.00
CIF China 433.25 -0.75
CIF Netherlands 417.00 +1.00
FOB Brazil 401.50 +1.00 401.50 +1.00 400.50 +1.50
FOB Argentina 393.50 +3.25 393.50 +3.25 393.50 +1.50
FOB US Gulf 393.25 +2.00 393.25 +2.00 395.00 +2.25

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Editor's Pick
16 Feb 2018 |
Brazilian soybean farmers are being advised to limit early selling for this season’s harvest and instead stockpile it in silos on projections that the price of the commodity will rise due to weather losses in South America.
16 Feb 2018
Data on upcoming tenders from the grain and oilseed markets around the world
15 Feb 2018 |
Just over one month into 2018 and corn’s price outlook has improved dramatically, gaining nearly 6% in little over four weeks.
14 Feb 2018 |
Cash premiums for US corn loading out of the Pacific Northwest are continuing to find support on solid demand from Asia’s feed markets as the region enters a key demand period and takes on greater significance for US corn.
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26 Jan 2018 | ,
Companies that import soybeans into China could face tough new penalties if they break laws on buying genetically modified goods, as the world’s biggest soybean importer takes a tougher stance on regulating sales.
12 Feb 2018 |
Major US agribusiness players are investigating incorporating agricultural cooperatives into their businesses in order to access advantages accidentally introduced with US tax reform at the end of 2017, market sources have told Agricensus.
13 Feb 2018 |
Soybean producers and agronomists are reporting the first signs of losses to disease and spoilage because of the relentless rains that are falling on Brazil’s 2017/18 crop now in the peak of harvest.
14 Feb 2018 |
Dubai-based trader GTCS has exported more grain from Russia than any other company in the 2017/18 marketing year, increasing its sales year-on-year by more than 43% as it has taken advantage of this year’s record-breaking crop.
More News
19 Feb 2018 |
France’s agriculture agency FranceAgriMer says the country’s 2017 corn crop is 14.8% higher despite a 2.6% decline in area, according to a report.
19 Feb 2018 |
Saudi Arabia bought 960,000 mt of feed barley over the weekend at tender, paying 12.3% more than it did at its previous tender a month ago as tightening global supply pushes prices higher still, market sources said Monday.
19 Feb 2018 |
Soybean farmers have urged the US Administration to tread cautiously when considering whether to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports as they fear retaliatory action that could further “hobble” their industry.
19 Feb 2018 |
Combined positions for futures and options under managed money moved closer into net long positions in the week ending February 13 as the outlook for corn, wheat and soybeans continues to show constructive signs, data from the CFTC’s Commitment of Traders report showed Friday.
16 Feb 2018 |
Corn premiums in the Argentina FOB Up River market have weakened despite a raft of bearish fundamental data, with market sources pointing to profit taking on the back of recent price rises.
16 Feb 2018 |
The first yield reports from Brazil’s third-largest soybean producing state of Rio Grande do Sul are down nearly 11% from last season’s record, and results are expected to deteriorate further as harvest reaches the drought hit southern portion of the state.
16 Feb 2018 |
The share of US exports in the global grain and oilseed trade is set to decrease over the coming decade as a strong dollar and increased competition eat into its traditional markets, a forecast from the USDA said late Thursday.
16 Feb 2018 |
The majority of Argentina’s soybean and corn crops, following weeks of sub-normal precipitation, are in a very poor or poor state, according to the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange, a dynamic that has underpinned a sharp rise in global soymeal prices.
15 Feb 2018 |
Weekly EU wheat exports came in at the third-lowest figure in three years, data from the European Commission showed Thursday.