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6 hours ago | Sharon Levrez
Basis premiums for near-term soybean cargoes out of Brazil have plummeted in the last week, pushing the outright price for...
European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski is proposing to extend a temporary import ban on key agricultural products from Ukraine...
6 hours ago | Serina Gothard
Investors in French milling wheat increased longs and cut shorts nominally during the week ending May 31...
11 hours ago | Veronika Prykhodko
South Korea’s feed importer the Feed Leaders Committee (FLC) bought a feed wheat cargo in a tender held Wednesday...
Market Commentary
Wheat Commentary
4 hours ago
US wheat futures were mixed on the final day of May, a month that saw prices plunge to the lowest levels seen since well before the Russian invasion of Ukraine...  
Corn Commentary
5 hours ago
US corn futures moved lower Wednesday on good planting progress reported and a higher US dollar...
Soybean Commentary
3 hours ago
Soybean CME futures were trading lower for the second consecutive day in smaller intensity than yesterday's strong decline,
Vegoils Commentary
4 hours ago
Crude palm oil (CPO) futures fell to the lowest level since November 9, 2020 on overall losses..

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Editor's Pick
30 May 2023 | Serina Gothard
The European Commission has increased its forecast for EU soft wheat production in its latest monthly update...
29 May 2023 | Masha Belikova
The Russian government confirmed the change for the grain export taxes formula from June 1, and has signed the official...
26 May 2023 | Mark Shenk
The US hard red winter (HRW) wheat harvest was slowed by sporadic rain in Texas, while the precipitation stabilized the crop...
25 May 2023 | Jocelyn Garcia
Canada-headquartered private grain trader Viterra is currently in discussions over a potential merger with US-based rival Bunge...
Popular last 7 days
25 May 2023 | Masha Belikova
Chinese and Russian officials held talks in Beijing this week, where they discussed relations between the two countries and signed a number of...
30 May 2023 | Mark Shenk
US wheat futures have tumbled, falling below corn prices briefly Monday for the first time since 2013, as the combination of lack of demand by cash-strapped...
25 May 2023 | Jocelyn Garcia
Canada-headquartered private grain trader Viterra is currently in discussions over a potential merger with US-based rival Bunge...
24 May 2023 | Masha Belikova
While the Black Sea Grain Initiative was finally officially extended on May 17, trade sources do not expect this to bring much relief to the market...
More News
36 minutes ago | Victor Gusmao
Argentine farmer sales of 2023/24 crop soybeans and corn were first published, while soybean and corn 2022/23 sales were mixed in the week ending May 24...
5 hours ago | Agricensus staff
Our daily collection of cash price indications for Ukrainian markets...
5 hours ago | Eoin Hughes
Freight rates fell again in the week to May 24 as Chinese demand continued to weaken.
12 hours ago | Regina Koh
Palm oil freight rates were steady to higher this week, with more enquiries for second-half June shipments...
13 hours ago | Yana Suharskaya
The Russian spring sowing campaign is steadily coming to an end and progressed by almost 16 percentage points or 8.7 million ha...
14 hours ago | Tim Worledge
Australia’s winter wheat production outlooks have been pared back by international bank Rabobank in its 2023/24 outlook...
14 hours ago | Regina Koh
South Korea’s Major Feedmills Group (MFG) picked up around 55,000 mt of feed wheat of optional origin via a private deal...
16 hours ago | Masha Belikova
Uncertainty over potential export paths for Ukrainian agricultural products combined with a wider fall in grain prices have created…
16 hours ago | Jocelyn Garcia
Argentina and China have agreed upon a new protocol for the export of corn, signed into effect on Tuesday, that could facilitate corn exports to China...