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US soybean prices are expected to plummet to $250/mt this season as the US builds up its stocks after a record crop while...
20 Sep 2018 | Reese Ewing
The world’s largest poultry exporter BRF said the company is facing more competition from Brazil’s small, but quickly growing...
20 Sep 2018 | Tim Worledge
Basis values across the US corn market have ‘collapsed’ on late September, October and November trading indications, as the...
20 Sep 2018 | Tim Worledge
China’s latest corn auction has seen 2.99 million mt of corn sell – 75.45% of the total volume offered – as the series of...
Market Commentary
Wheat Commentary
17 hours ago
Futures were dragged higher by a wider buying spree across the agriculture market before closing the day down, while cash...
Corn Commentary
16 hours ago
Further signs of life returning to cash markets and a bottoming out in price falls catalysed a comeback across the corn complex...
Soy Commentary
16 hours ago
Futures surged in trading on Thursday, chalking up two days of successive gains for the first time in eight trading sessions...

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Editor's Pick
19 Sep 2018 | Juan Pedro Tomas
Argentina’s draft budget bill includes wording that enables the government to potentially raise duties on exports...
19 Sep 2018 | Tom Houghton
Cereal yields in Europe may have bumped up against a theoretical ceiling, with economic and environmental factors limiting...
19 Sep 2018 | Thordur Gunnarsson
Increased sunmeal volumes are expected to flow out the Black Sea region to China this year, as it battles to replace soymeal...
19 Sep 2018 | Thordur Gunnarsson
Sunseed production in the EU will increase 16.3% from last year to 10.2 million mt, the highest on record, data published...
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17 Sep 2018 | Rei Geyssens
The Russian agriculture minister told his Moroccan counterpart that he expects the country to cut its import tax to 30% by...
17 Sep 2018 | Rei Geyssens
Soybean futures trading on the Chicago Board of Trade hit near contract lows Monday as the US looked to escalate further its...
US soybean prices are expected to plummet to $250/mt this season as the US builds up its stocks after a record crop while...
18 Sep 2018 | Rei Geyssens
Australian wheat exports during the 2018/19 season will fall 16% more than previously expected to 12.95 million mt...
More News
1 hour ago | Tim Worledge
South Africa’s corn export programme has ground to a near halt after the country lost competitiveness on the international...
1 hour ago | Tim Worledge
The latest corn auction from China’s state reserves has seen volumes plunge to 773,429 mt, just 19.48% of the total...
16 hours ago | Andy Allan
US net sales of soybeans last week reached almost 920,000 mt, at the upper end of expectations, as Central America and Asia...
16 hours ago | Tim Worledge
Over 1.3 million mt of US corn from the 2018/19 market year was booked for export in the week ending September 13...
17 hours ago | Tom Houghton
The Czech prime minister’s continued ties to an agriculture group have left him open to conflicts of interest involving the...
18 hours ago | Rei Geyssens
The Agricensus spot sunoil assessment nudged lower to $680/mt as November was assessed lower on lack of any solid...
18 hours ago | Tom Houghton
Egypt’s wheat procurement plan will proceed as planned despite rising prices in the global wheat market, with the world’s...
20 hours ago | Tom Houghton
The dual burdens of debt and currency crises facing the private grains sector in Turkey are becoming increasingly apparent as...
21 hours ago | Rei Geyssens
Sunoil imports into India could double over the next half decade, as shifting consumption patterns will see demand continue...