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21 Jan 2022 | Mark Shenk
US managed money managers trimmed their net longs in soybeans, corn, and two of the primary US wheat contracts in the week ended January 18, data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission showed late Friday.
21 Jan 2022 | Yuriy Sirosh
The pace of Ukrainian corn exports between December 24 through to January 21 reached 4.2 million mt, consolidated...
21 Jan 2022 | Masha Belikova
The Russian government has again reduced its wheat and barley export taxes for the January 26-February 1 period, while the...
21 Jan 2022 | Masha Belikova
Pafmi, the Philippines feed miller’s association, has announced a tender for Australian feed wheat which is expected to be held...
Market Commentary
Wheat Commentary
21 Jan 2022
Wheat futures in the US were mixed after government data reported that net sales and exports surged last week, with the Minneapolis and Kansas HRW contracts declining, while the Chicago SRW contract edged higher...
Corn Commentary
21 Jan 2022
US corn futures climbed on Friday after the country's net sales surged and exports rose to a marketing-year high last week, according to government data...
Soybean Commentary
21 Jan 2022
Soybean CBOT futures eased on Friday, as more rains were expected to relieve the dryness...
Vegoils Commentary
21 Jan 2022
Malaysian palm oil futures jumped 2.6% compared with the prior close in anticipation of a potential export restriction move by the Indonesian government...

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Editor's Pick
20 Jan 2022 | Liliana Minton
Vegetable oil prices may have peaked, as prices are forecast to decline between January-September on a supply increase...
19 Jan 2022 | Veronika Prykhodko
Heavy rains across South Africa’s agricultural regions have brought widespread flooding and raised fears of crop damage...
18 Jan 2022 | Veronika Prykhodko
Turkey's state buyer has closed a wheat tender issued last week and was reported buying 335,000 mt of milling wheat as...
17 Jan 2022 | Eduardo Tinti
Brazil's soybean harvest has reached 1.2% complete as of Thursday, up 0.8 percentage...
Popular last 7 days
19 Jan 2022 | Tim Worledge
The US’s most senior diplomat was in Kyiv Wednesday to hold talks updating Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy on high...
18 Jan 2022 | Masha Belikova
Algeria’s state grain importer has secured 120,000 mt of feed barley after closing a buy tender for February-March shipment...
17 Jan 2022 | Juan Pedro Tomas
Paraguay exported a total of 6.33 million mt of soybeans in 2021, a decline of 4.4% compared with the 6.62 million mt shipped...
20 Jan 2022 | Marcela Caetano
The sowing of Argentina's soybean crop reached 94.8% complete in the week ended as rainfall over the last seven days has improved the availability of water in large sectors of the agricultural area...
More News
21 Jan 2022 | Marcela Caetano
The sowing of the soybean crop in Brazil’s Rio Grande do Sul advanced 2 percentage points last week ended on January 20 and reached 97% complete
21 Jan 2022 | Masha Belikova
Iran’s Government Trading Corporation (GTC) booked three panamax cargoes of milling wheat for February-March shipment
21 Jan 2022 | Mark Shenk
US corn net sales more than doubled in the week to January 13, while exports surged to a marketing-year high, data from the...
21 Jan 2022 | Liliana Minton
EU soybean crushing in December registered an increase of 8% on the month, partly offsetting a decline in rapeseed processing...
21 Jan 2022 | Mark Shenk
US weekly wheat net sales surged 44% week-on-week to 380,600 mt average in the week ending January 13, USDA data showed...
21 Jan 2022 | Cai Chen
US net soybean export sales for the 2021/22 marketing year in the week to January 13 ...
21 Jan 2022 | Tim Worledge
Turkey’s state-backed grains and oilseeds importing agency, TMO, has issued a tender to buy up to 6,000 mt of sunoil for loading...
21 Jan 2022 | Yuriy Sirosh
Canadian wheat exports increased by 63% through the week ending January 16, while barley exports increased three-fold...
21 Jan 2022
Our weekly recap of the main prices movements in global cash markets...