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8 hours ago | Tom Houghton
Russian grain exports showed little sign of slowing down during the transition from one crop to another, as total exports...
9 hours ago | Rei Geyssens
India’s sunoil imports in June fell 33% on the month to 288,519 mt, a three-month low, as large stocks and a hike in import...
11 hours ago | Tim Worledge
Managed money trading corn futures and options moved decisively deeper into a net short position in the week ending...
11 hours ago | Thordur Gunnarsson
Private consultancy AgRural has revised its estimate of the Brazilian safrinha crop up by 3.5 million mt to 57.1 million mt...
Market Commentary
Wheat Commentary
6 hours ago
Recent concerns over the global supply balance left the cash market quiet Monday with neither side willing to commit...
Corn Commentary
5 hours ago
First full day of trading for the new front month contract saw September reach 1300 Eastern Time unchanged, having ebbed...
Soy Commentary
6 hours ago
Futures on the Chicago Board of Trade rebounded from their near 10-year low on Monday, after a large sell-off during the past...

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Editor's Pick
12 Jul 2018 | Rei Geyssens
The USDA cut global wheat supply by 8.4 million mt in its monthly WASDE report as a rise in US production and 2017/18 ending ...
12 Jul 2018 | Tim Worledge
A lack of change on the US corn yield was perhaps the biggest surprise of the July WASDE corn update, with stellar conditions...
12 Jul 2018 | Andy Allan
In a widely-expected move, the USDA has cut its soybean export forecast for the 2018/19 US harvest by 11% and...
12 Jul 2018 | Andy Allan
The USDA is to halt giving selected news agencies embargoed access to market moving data after an investigation found...
Popular last 7 days
13 Jul 2018 | Thordur Gunnarsson
US-headquartered agricultural giant Cargill saw a 76% increase in its fourth-quarter earnings compared to last year on the...
13 Apr 2018 | Andy Allan
Greater acreage and improved yields will see Russia produce 3.87 million mt of soybeans in the 2018/19 marketing year, according to the Moscow branch of the USDA, although greater demand will see imports flat.
13 Jul 2018 | Rei Geyssens
The Russian wheat crop is to fall to 64.4 million mt in 2018 from last season’s 85.9 million following dry weather in key...
11 Jul 2018 | Thordur Gunnarsson
The Agricensus spot sunoil assessment was down $5/mt from Tuesday to stand at $741/mt ...
More News
6 hours ago | Andy Allan
US soybean crush rate hit another record in June, processing almost 160 million bushels of soybeans, the...
6 hours ago | Juan Pedro Tomas
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has urged the Argentine government to maintain the average export tax rate...
6 hours ago | Thordur Gunnarsson
Global sunoil exports could drop 650,000 mt to 5.15 million mt in the 2018-2019 marketing year due to a disappointing...
6 hours ago | Tom Houghton
An uptick in domestic production means Iran will import no wheat from the international market during the 2018/19...
6 hours ago | Tom Houghton
Expectations of a smaller wheat crop have seen a slow start to exports out of the EU in the new marketing year, with...
6 hours ago | Johnny Huang
China pork prices have fallen 12.5% so far this year, despite the threat that soybean and soymeal prices may spike...
7 hours ago | Thordur Gunnarsson
The Agricensus spot sunoil assessment rose $2/mt from Friday to stand at $739/mt, with the July-August structure assessed...
7 hours ago | Rei Geyssens
Corn exports in the week up to July 12 fell short of expectations with exports sliding 17% while wheat exports rose 75% versus...
8 hours ago | Tom Houghton
Rising global wheat prices saw Saudi Arabia’s state grain buyer SAGO pay almost $9/mt more as it picked up...