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16 hours ago | Yuriy Sirosh
Jordan’s state grain importer has booked 60,000 mt of feed barley for shipment in the second half of February...
16 hours ago | Anna Platonova
Exports of sunflower and rapeseed from Ukraine increased in the week to November 29, while exports of sunflower oil and ...
29 Nov 2023 | Eoin Hughes
Freight rates continued to increase in the week to November 29, as multiple factors combined to push rates higher.
29 Nov 2023 | Yana Sukharska
Ukraine's weekly volumes of grain declared for export increased by 24% to almost 960,000 mt in the week ending November 29...
Market Commentary
Wheat Commentary
10 hours ago
US wheat futures increased for a third day on Thursday after a government report showed that net export sales surged last...
Corn Commentary
10 hours ago
US corn futures advanced on Thursday after government data showed that net export sales jumped to a marketing-year high...
Soybean Commentary
10 hours ago
CME Soybean futures rose slightly on Thursday in a very volatile session, as it was buffeted by downward pressure from crude...
Vegoils Commentary
10 hours ago
Crude palm oil (CPO) futures were range-bound Thursday, eventually ending higher with support from strength in the...

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Editor's Pick
29 Nov 2023 | Jocelyn Garcia
US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Wednesday invited applicants to apply for the new Regional Agricultural Promotion...
28 Nov 2023 | Eoin Hughes
The freight market will see the extension of the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) to shipping from January 2024...
27 Nov 2023 | Sam Balf
Sales of French wheat for December loading were said to have been deferred by Chinese importers for new loading dates...
25 Nov 2023 | Sam Balf
Iranian state-owned feed importer SLAL awards up to 150,000 mt of feed corn and 60,000 mt of Brazilian soymeal under its latest international tender on November 22...
Popular last 7 days
27 Nov 2023 | Masha Belikova
Heavy storms in the Black Sea region have had a major impact on shipping from the vital grains exporting region, raising risks and...
24 Nov 2023 | Masha Belikova
The Russian government has significantly lowered the wheat and corn export taxes for the week of November 29-December 5...
24 Nov 2023 | Sam Balf
Growing conditions for French soft wheat were steady in the week to November 20...
28 Nov 2023 | Masha Belikova
Vietnam has increased the volume of wheat imports from the Black Sea in recent months amid relatively more competitive...
More News
9 hours ago | Marcela Caetano
Soybean sowing in Argentina advanced 9 percentage points to 43.8% of the 17.3 million hectares projected for the 2023/24...
9 hours ago | Leticia Pakulski
Soybean planting in Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul state rose 25 percentage points and reached 50% of the 6.7 million hectares...
10 hours ago | Mark Shenk
The 2023 US corn crop is expected to be the highest on record because of higher-than-average yields and the highest acreage...
12 hours ago | Masha Belikova
Taiwanese private importer has picked up 109,325 mt of US-origin milling wheat in its tender closed Thursday...
12 hours ago | Agricensus staff
In the Great Plains and Corn Belt of the US, dry weather has continued with post-Thanksgiving snow melting...
12 hours ago | Marcela Caetano
Brazil's Parana state agency Deral has reduced its soybean output estimates to 21.7 million mt from last month’s 21.9 million mt...
12 hours ago
Fastmarkets Agriculture invited feedback from the industry on the pricing methodology for vegoils and meals, via an open consultation...
14 hours ago | Sam Balf
The French Atlantic port of La Pallice had a total of 67,100 mt of wheat to be loaded between three separate cargoes, and 9,150...