Policy News

19 Feb 2018 |
Soybean farmers have urged the US Administration to tread cautiously when considering whether to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports as they fear retaliatory action that could further “hobble” their industry.
16 Feb 2018 |
The share of US exports in the global grain and oilseed trade is set to decrease over the coming decade as a strong dollar and increased competition eat into its traditional markets, a forecast from the USDA said late Thursday.
14 Feb 2018 |
US ethanol production levels fell 41,000 b/d in the week ending February 9, to take daily production to 1.061 million barrels per day, data from the Energy Information Administration showed Wednesday.
14 Feb 2018 |
The American Soybean Association has urged President Trump to scrap plans to limit farm subsidies, calling his budget proposal a "non-starter" and one that would do significant harm to the nation’s soybean farmers.
12 Feb 2018 |
Major US agribusiness players are investigating incorporating agricultural cooperatives into their businesses in order to access advantages accidentally introduced with US tax reform at the end of 2017, market sources have told Agricensus.
7 Feb 2018 |
Industry representatives are still discussing how to address the consequences of a tax break introduced in December as the first deadline to get the measures pushed through congress looms, sources told Agricensus Wednesday.
7 Feb 2018 |
The ins and outs of buying wheat in Egypt are more complicated than they might sound at first.
6 Feb 2018 |
It’s not a great time to be marketing US soybeans into China at the moment.
China’s Ministry of Commerce has initiated an investigation of US sorghum imports under its Anti-Subsidy Regulations, the ministry announced Sunday.
5 Feb 2018 |
Sales of Russian wheat have slowed for the third consecutive week, posting the lowest weekly figure since July 2017, data from the ministry of agriculture showed Monday.
5 Feb 2018 |
Demand for soybean meal is expected to slow to 5.1% in the 2018 calendar year, according to an update from the China National Grains and Oil Information Centre, as growth of hybrid meal is expected to eat into market share.