AgriCensus Daily Price Assessments:
graph prices
Spot+/- M1+/- M2+/- SP M1 M2
Soy clear selection
CIF China $/mt xxxx          
CIF Netherlands $/mt xxxx          
Paper Paranagua $/mt    xxxx xxxx  
Paper Paranagua Prem ¢/bu    xxxx xxxx  
FOB Brazil $/mt xxxx xxxx xxxx
FOB Brazil Prem ¢/bu    xxxx xxxx  
FOB Argentina $/mt xxxx xxxx xxxx
FOB Argentina Prem ¢/bu    xxxx xxxx  
CIF US Gulf Barge $/mt xxxx xxxx xxxx
CIF US Gulf Barge Prem ¢/bu    xxxx xxxx  
FOB US Gulf $/mt xxxx xxxx xxxx
FOB US Gulf Prem ¢/bu    xxxx xxxx  
FOB US PNW $/mt xxxx xxxx xxxx
FOB US PNW Prem ¢/bu    xxxx xxxx  
graph prices
Spot+/- SP
Freight (weekly) clear selection
B Sea - SE Asia $/mt xxxx
B Sea - Persian Gulf $/mt xxxx
B Sea- N Africa $/mt xxxx
B Sea - W Med $/mt xxxx
Azov - Marmara $/mt xxxx
Azov - Izmir $/mt xxxx
Azov - Samsun $/mt xxxx
Azov - Mersin $/mt xxxx
Azov - E Med $/mt xxxx
Azov - E Greece $/mt xxxx
Azov - E Italy $/mt xxxx
Azov - W Italy $/mt xxxx
Caspian $/mt xxxx
BRA - NE Asia $/mt xxxx
ARG - NE Asia $/mt xxxx
USG - NE Asia $/mt xxxx
PNW - NE Asia $/mt xxxx

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