API Feed Info

AgriCensus API feed is developed to deliver our daily prices to your company system by calling a recourse oriented URL.

Here is an example of our API Entry point URL: https://www.agricensus.com/feed/?token=ReplaceThisWithYourTokenValue

Upon calling the API feed URL, we will deliver the latest available published prices for that date/day in a format you have selected from the three which we support and these are: JSON; XML; CSV

Each format could be used by selecting one of these options and adding it to the API feed URL:

JSON: &format=JSON

XML: &format=XML
XML: &format=XML&attributes=off - Data is structured with XML Elements
XML: &format=XML&elements=off - Data is structured with XML Attributes

CSV: &format=CSV
CSV: &format=CSV&delimiter=%09 - Delimiter is Tab character.
CSV: &format=CSV&header=off - Skip header line
CSV: &format=CSV&header=off&delimiter=; - Skip header line and delimiter is ; character

The daily prices will be exported in these columns regardless of the format you have selected:

code - assessment code (example: CAWSP3)
name - assessment name (example: Wheat FOB W AUS APW USD/mt)
value - assessment value (example: 370)
date - assessment date (example: 08/12/2021)
timestamp - assessment Unix timestamp (example: 1638957600)

To help with your initial setup and if you require, we have two historical calls that will deliver all our published price data. They are available only in CSV format:

CSV: &format=CSV&historical - Historical data export with the same columns as the daily export
CSV: &format=CSV&historical2 - Historical data export with addition of these columns: shipment_delivery_month, underlying_futures_contract, letter, futures_contract_month, futures_contract_year

Also to help with the initial setup, we provide the specifications of all prices with the relevant metadata. Available only in CSV format.

CSV: &format=CSV&specs - AgriCensus Specs export

Depending on what you require, you will need to append one of the above options to the API Entry point URL and get the final resource oriented URL that you will call/visit.

Example: https://www.agricensus.com/feed/?token=ReplaceThisWithYourTokenValue&format=JSON
As a subscriber, you will get a unique token that will give access to our API price feed.