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The world's agriculture markets are changing at an unprecedented pace, driven by population growth, climate change, higher calorie and protein diets and more accessible international trade and transportation.

Farms have become sophisticated businesses, using advanced data sources to optimise their operations. The feed and food industries are in need of additional risk management solutions to hedge against increasing feedstock price volatility.


Census has been founded to provide the global agri industry with market intelligence and pricing data to power the next generation of commercial contracts and derivative instruments.

We provide physical price indices for key locations, that can be used as a reference for physical spot or term contracts, and to settle associated derivative contracts to better manage risk.

Latin: assessment, valuation from censere, to assess

The Team

Andrew Goodwin

Andrew is a co-founder and director of the company, who has joint responsibility for the strategic direction of the company. Prior to joining Census, Andrew sat on the executive committee at S&P Global Platts and was the business manager responsible for its metals, agriculture, petrochemical and dry bulk shipping coverage.

He has spent his working life in the commodity markets, helping to establish new pricing benchmarks in agriculture and metals. He has lived and worked in China, the US and Europe.

Andy Allan

Andy is a co-founder and director of the company, who has joint responsibility for the strategic direction of the company.

Andy has spent his entire 20-year career dedicated to the commodity markets, with more than 15 years in commodity pricing. Prior to joining Census, he was a director at S&P Global Platts, leading its global LNG and European petrochemical businesses. A former managing editor and journalist at Reuters and Financial Times Business, Andy has in-depth knowledge of coal, oil, petrochemical, power, gas, emission and oilseed markets.

Tim Worledge

Tim is a co-founder and director of the company, who has joint responsibility for the strategic direction of the company. A former director at S&P Global Platts, Tim led the agriculture reporting team that was instrumental in the development of the Black Sea swaps market and has been at the forefront of price reporting for 10 years. He was also responsible for Platts’ benchmark biofuels assessments, including global ethanol benchmarks. Before moving into agriculture, Tim was an oil market pricing expert focusing on the European refined product markets.

Tom Houghton

Tom heads up our Ukraine office. No stranger to interesting markets and interesting places, Tom has many years experience covering wheat, corn and sugar, particularly around the Black Sea region.

Having first fallen in love with commodities whilst working for a mining company in Tajikistan, he has since developed a unique understanding of both large and niche agricultural markets.

Reinout Geyssens

Coming from a family of Belgian millers and bakers, Rei has always had a keen interest in agricultural commodities and brings extensive industry knowledge to his work covering the daily markets.

Prior to AgriCensus, Rei was a wheat and flour buyer for a large UK based food company, overseeing purchasing and risk management of the key bulk ingredients. He also managed cocoa, fruit, meat and chemical purchasing. His news and price reporting skills were honed at S&P Global Platts, specialising in agriculture and biofuels, but also including stints covering the power and gas markets.

Johnny Huang

Johnny focuses on key agricultural commodities in China including soy, corn, wheat and sorghum. At Census, he contributes to timely policy and economic analysis of the Chinese agriculture market, and provide immediate supply and demand updates for news reporting and pricing.

Prior to pursuing a new path in agriculture, he has a background in the energy commodity market in the United States and China, focusing on energy commodity trading, and risk management.

Reese Ewing

Reese is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil where he has built his understanding of the South American commodities and logistics markets over the past twenty years and writes for AgriCensus about the soy bean market in particular.

Having led a small team specialized in raw materials in Brazil for Reuters News for most of that period, he focused on grains and oilseeds, biofuels, renewable energy and the shipping markets. In 2016, he enhanced his research and financial modeling abilities in the local commodities and energy markets by completing a two-year MBA program at the Esalq campus of the University of São Paulo.

John McGarrity

John covers the biofuels markets and specialises in EU climate and energy policy, renewable energy and fuels, and environmental politics related to the use of biofuels in transport. He has formerly worked for Platts, Reuters, Point Carbon and chinadialogue covering a wide range of commodities and markets.

Juan Pedro Tomas

Based in Buenos Aires, Juan Pedro covers key agricultural commodities and biofuels in Argentina and neighbouring South American countries.

He has previously worked for Latin Trade, Business News Americas and Telecompaper covering a wide range of markets including commodities, logistics, infrastructure and telecommunications. He has also worked for a number of political risk consultancy firms covering political risks in South American markets.

Olivier Geleoc

Olivier spearheads our sales operation, having worked extensively on the commercial side of two other major price reporting agencies covering a number of different sectors. A native of France, Olivier combines a busy work schedule with training and competing in international swimming events.

Katia Miceli

Katia, based in London but a native of Milan, leads our sales into Italy and other European and Middle East markets. She has also worked extensively marketing commodities information within the metals and energy sectors, but (being interested in cooking, and ‘because the people are so nice’) by far her favourite market is agriculture.

Thomas Hughes

Thomas focuses on the global, and specifically Latin American soybeans markets for AgriCensus, and brings with him an array of experience in price reporting and journalism.

Prior to AgriCensus, Thomas covered the rare earths markets at Argus Media. He is fluent in Mandarin having spent three years living and working in Taiwan and Shanghai.

Estiben Garcia

Estiben, based in our London head office, manages sales to Latin America, Asia and Africa. He is dual nationality British-Columbian and as such is fluent in Spanish.

He is an experience sales manager, having worked previously at ICIS, another price reporting agency predominantly serving the petrochemicals and energy markets.

Daniel Rabey

Dan handles AgriCensus sales to the UK, Northern European and US markets from our London office. He has been active in sales for many years and previously worked for Point Carbon, a Price Reporting Agency covering the international emissions markets.

Masha Belikova

Masha works out of the Ukraine where she is an integral part of the editorial team, specialising in the corn and wheat markets. Prior to AgriCensus, Masha worked at the Ukrainian trade publisher ISM covering the global agriculture markets.

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