Algeria’s OAIC poised to deliver fresh tender for Feb wheat

12 Dec 2022 | Tim Worledge

Algeria’s state-backed grain importing agency is expected to conclude another wheat buy tender on Wednesday, looking for February shipment 11.5% milling wheat, trade sources have told Agricensus Monday.

Office Algerien Interprofessional des Cereales (OAIC) tendered for 50,000 mt of wheat including US hard red winter, Canadian western spring, Argentine, French or German milling wheat, with other origins also considered.

The agency will often tender for a nominal 50,000 mt parcel and then buy larger volumes when the tender closes.

The volumes are to be shipped from February 1-15 and from February 16-28, with shipment dates rolled forward by a month if loading from South America, India or Australia

For more information on Algeria’s recent buying, please see our Tender Dashboard.