Algeria's OAIC tenders for wheat for February shipment

18 Jan 2021 | Masha Belikova

Algeria’s state grain importer returned to the market with a tender for milling wheat for shipment in the second half of February, traders told Agricensus late Monday.

Office Algerien Interprofessionnel des Cereales (OAIC) is seeking 50,000 mt of optional origin wheat for February 15-28 shipment.

OAIC typically buys more than the 50,000 mt it tenders for, with the tender expected to close on Wednesday.

At its last tender, which closed on December 31, OAIC booked at least 300,000 mt of wheat at $291-292/mt for CFR for January 1-31 delivery if the wheat is sourced from South America, or for February 1-28 if the supply comes from Europe or the Black Sea.

The USDA expects Algeria to import 6.5 million mt of wheat in the 2020/21 marketing year.

Details of previous OAIC wheat purchases can be found on the Agricensus Tender Dashboard.