Argentina’s 2021/22 corn area to reach 7.1 million ha: BAGE

19 Aug 2021 | Juan Pedro Tomas

Argentine farmers are expected to plant 7.1 million ha with corn in the 2021/22 crop cycle, an increase of 7.5% or 500,000 ha compared to the previous cycle, the Buenos Aires Grains Exchange (BAGE) said in its first appraisal of farmers' intentions.

The exchange also said that the expected planted area will be 15% higher compared to the average planted area in the last five crop cycles.

“It should be noted that the possibility of deferring the sowing of the crop to wait for better water conditions is essential in the expansion of the planted area. Thus, the evolution of the climate scenario and water reserves will be key, not only for compliance with the current estimate, but also for the distribution between early and late plantings,” BAGE said.

The exchange also noted that the sowing window for corn in the country starts this month with some initial plantings in Entre Rios and Santa Fe provinces and is expected to conclude in February 2022 with plantings in the north region of the country.

“In this scenario, the early planting window would have good humidity levels for the beginning of the cereal cycle,” BAGE added.

The exchange said that the rains forecasted for the summer will be key for the second corn plantings and will also renew water reserves for early corn plantings.

According to the entity, farmers planted a total of 6.6 million ha in the 2020/21 cycle, down 100,000 ha compared to the previous cycle, with production forecast at 48 million mt.

The exchange forecasts overall corn production of 50.5 million mt for the 2020/21 campaign.