Brazil’s corn exports hit a record for November at 6m mt: Customs

1 Dec 2022 | Marcela Caetano

Brazil’s corn exports reached 6 million mt in November, up 153.2% from the 2.4 million mt reached in the same month last year, official customs data showed Thursday.

The volume is lower than last month’s 7.2 million mt but still an all-time high for the month.  

The average pace of corn exports per working day reached 302,947 mt, up 140.6% from November 2021’s 125,922 mt.

The country’s grain exporters’ association Anec projected this month's exports to reach 5.9 million mt. 


Brazil’s soybean exports ended November at 2.6 million mt, up 2% from the month last year, when shipments totaled 2.5 million mt, but still lower than October’s 4 million mt.

Soybean shipments per working were reported at 132,045 mt, down 3% from last year’s 136,165 mt average pace for November.

Anec forecast Brazil's soybean shipments to reach 2 million mt in November. 

Soymeal & soyoil

Brazil’s soymeal exports reached 1.6 million mt in November, up 23% from last year’s 1.3 million mt exports in the same month and down from October’s 1.8 million mt.

The average shipment per working day was 80,136 mt, 15% higher than the 62,702 mt pace during November 2021.

Anec expects Brazil's soymeal shipments to reach 1.5 million mt in November 2022.

Vegetable fats and oils, mostly composed of soyoil exports, reached 241,517 mt in November, up 34% on the 179,266 mt volume exported at the same month in 2021.

The average export per working day reached 12,075 mt, 28% higher than last year’s 9,435 mt average in the same month.