Brazil's southern state still dry, sowing advances: Agrural

6 Dec 2021 | Marcela Caetano

Brazilian farmers have planted 94% of the estimated 2021/22 soybean area as of December 2, a 4 percentage points weekly advance, while dry weather remains a concern in the south, local consultancy Agrural said Monday.

At the same point last year, 90% of the area was sown.

Although the problems caused to soybean crops for the 2021/22 harvest by reduced humidity and high temperatures are still isolated, the dry weather conditions in the south, especially in the southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul, remain in the spotlight.

“The low rainfall forecast for the first half of December raises the alarm for producers with newly planted soybeans, whose germination may be impacted by the drought, and for those who already have plots in the reproductive phase, when the demand for humidity increases,” Agrural stated.

According to the consultancy, in other states, the production is developing well and harvesting is expected to begin around Christmas in Mato Grosso.


Summer corn planting works in the center-south of Brazil reached 91% of the estimated area sowed as of December 2, a 1 percentage point weekly advance and 3 percentage points lower on the year.

In the Center-South region of Brazil the corn is developing under good weather conditions, the consultancy stated.

Despite some rain showers registered in Rio Grande do Sul, the distribution was irregular and the volumes were small, which eased the situation of summer corn only momentarily.

The forecast of continued hot and dry weather is a threat for more losses in the state's crops.

"In addition, areas in Santa Catarina and Paraná that are coming into bearing may also suffer losses if the forecast of hot and dry weather is confirmed,” Agrural said.