Brazil's soybeans reach 3.3 million mt in February, up 28.1% y-o-y

21 Feb 2022 | Marcela Caetano

Brazil exported 1.7 million mt of soybeans in the third week of February, bringing the total for the month to 3.3 million mt, 28.1% up on the year, official customs data showed late Monday.

The figure was once again up significantly from the previous week’s 1.3 million mt, allowing shipments to surpass last year’s 2.6 million mt total exports for February.

On average, the country shipped 242,122 mt of soybeans per working day, up 64.7% from last year’s 146,999 mt for the same month.

Corn exports reached 222,903 mt in the second week of the month, down from last week’s 288,660 mt.

So far in February, the shipment totaled 605,129 mt, while last year total exports reached 776,818 mt for the whole month.

The average shipping rate reached 43,223 mt, up 0.2% from last year’s 43,156 mt February figure.

Brazil’s soybean meal shipments reached 409,462 mt in the third week of February, up from 217,531 mt in the previous week, and totaled 1.01 million mt.

Last year, shipments totaled 1.08 million mt for the same month last year.

The average shipping rate reached 72,255 mt, 20.3% above last year’s 60,086 mt for February.