Brazil soybean exports reach 700,000 mt in first half of Jan.

16 Jan 2018 | Andy Allan

Soybean exports out of Brazil during the first two weeks of January were 693,000 mt, according to data from the ministry of industry, foreign trade and services.

The figures take the total number of exports from the world’s biggest exporting country to 68 million mt in the February through January marketing year.

According to USDA exports, Brazil is expected to sell 67 million mt internationally on the export market during October 2017 through September 2018.

With Brazil having already exported 7.5 million mt since October, the figures work out that the USDA expects to export 59.5 million mt over the next eight and a half months.

That equates to 7 million mt a month on average and compares to the Jan through September average in 2017 of 6.8 million mt per month.

In terms of corn, Brazil exports in the first half of January reached 1.4 million mt, slightly more than total exports in January 2017.

That takes total export figures to 29.2 million mt during the first 11.5 months of the February through January Brazil marketing year.