Brazilian soybean harvest reaches 25%, corn at 17.5%: Conab

15 Feb 2022 | Marcela Caetano

Brazil’s soybean harvest was 25% complete as of February 12, marking a week-on-week increase of 8.2%, the country’s food agency Conab said late Monday.

Last week,16.8% of the area was harvested, while at the same point last year, the harvest was 10.1% complete.

The harvest in Mato Grosso, the country’s main producing state, had reached 60.1% completion or an 18 percentage points weekly advance while last year's harvest was 25.5% complete.  

“Even after persistent rain all through the week, no delays in harvest or significant damage were reported in the state’s crops and yield is considered satisfactory,” Conab stated.

In Rio Grande do Sul, the drought has worsened crop conditions, as over 75% of the crop is in the filling, flowering or reproductive stage.

In Paraná, 64% of the crop was rated bad or average, while the sowing of the 2021/22 crop remained unchanged at 99.8%.

According to the agency's data, 29.7% of Brazil’s soybean crop was at the maturation stage, 31.5% of beans was at the filling stage, 9.4% was flowering, 4.1% was under vegetative development and 0.3% was at the emerging state.


Summer corn crop harvest is now 17.5% complete, which marks a 2.9 percentage point weekly advance and is 0.1 percentage point ahead of last year.

In Santa Catarina, the harvest is 58% complete - a 9 percentage point weekly advance - while in Rio Grande do Sul the harvest is 48% complete, 6 points up on the week.

In Paraná, the crop is mostly in at the grain filling and maturation stage (77%), with 19% harvested - a 5 point weekly advance.

“In the field, due to adverse weather conditions, 60% of the areas are in a bad or average situation,” Conab added.

Planting reached 99.2% completion, a 0.1% weekly advance, while this time last year 99% was complete.

According to the agency's data, 26.7% of Brazil’s first corn crop was at maturation stages, 30.4% at the filling stage, 9.7% was flowering, 1.2% was at the emerging stage and 14.6% was under vegetative development.

Second corn crop safrinha planting reached 35.1% completion, up 12.7 percentage points on the week, while at the same period last year 10.2% of the area was sowed.

In Mato Grosso, planting is 58.5% complete - a 15.9 point weekly advance.   

According to the agency's data, 34.8% of crops were at the emerging stage and 65.2% were under vegetative development.