Bulk carriers to load 1.57m mt corn in Argentine ports by April 11: chamber

27 Mar 2018 | Juan Pedro Tomas

Bulk carriers will load a total of 1.57 million mt of corn in Argentine ports during the March 21-April 11period, according to the Rosario trade chamber BCR.

Most of the corn (1.29 million mt) will be loaded in ports in the Rosario and San Lorenzo area, in Santa Fe province. Total corn loads in ports located in the Rosario area will reach 779,200 mt during the period while grain terminals in the San Lorenzo area will be responsible for 512,686 mt, according to BCR.

Some of the key grain terminals in Rosario and San Lorenzo include Dreyfus Timbues, COFCO Argentina, Terminal 2, Quebracho (Cargill), Punta Alvear (Cargill) Villa Governador Galvez (Cargill), ADM Agro, Pampa (Bunge), Dempa (Bunge), Vicentin, General Lagos (Louis Dreyfus), ACA and Nidera.

Also, a total of 284,000 mt of corn will be loaded in Bahia Blanca port terminal during this period.

In the soybean segment, bulk carriers are expected to load 102,000 mt during the period, with ports in the Rosario/San Lorenzo area accounting for nearly 40% of the total, according to BCR.

Regarding wheat shipments, the study showed that bulk carriers will load a total of 283,572 mt in Argentine ports during the period.

Wheat loads in San Lorenzo ports will total 143,550 mt, followed by Lima port (58,250 mt), Necochea (46,672 mt) and Bahia Blanca (38,100 mt).

The ports of Lima, Necochea and Bahia Blanca are located in Buenos Aires province.

The USDA expects the country’s soybean exports to reach 6.8 million mt, down from its previous estimation of 8.5 million mt. The US agency also forecasts corn exports to reach 25 million mt compared to a previous estimation of 26.5 million mt. Wheat exports are forecast to 14 million mt this crop season, up compared to a previous estimate of 13.7 million mt.