Egypt’s GASC buys 50k mt soyoil, 27.5k mt sunoil for Dec arrival

23 Oct 2019 | Tim Worledge

Egypt’s state-owned importer GASC bought 27,500 mt of sunoil at an average of just over $696/mt and 50,000 mt of soyoil at $684.06/mt after concluding an import tender Wednesday.

The agency paid almost 6% less for the sunoil and 4% lower for the soyoil than at its previous tender, which closed on September 3.

The volume was divided between local companies and international trade houses, with Aston and ADM delivering the bulk of the sunoil, while Alexseeds and United-UCCMA delivered much of the soyoil.

Aston will supply 11,500 mt of sunoil at $698/mt, ADM will supply 11,000 mt at the same price, while Alexseeds will top off the volume with 5,000 mt sold at EGP11,220/mt ($693.02/mt).

For soyoil, Alexseeds will supply 37,500 mt at EGP11,075/mt ($684.06/mt) with United-UCCMA supplying 12,500 mt at the same level.

Full details of GASC’s buying can be found on the Agricensus Tenders Dashboard.