Russia's wheat production in 2024/25 may exceed last year’s figures

15 Feb 2024 | Yana Sukharska

Local analysts continue to raise 2024/25 Russia’s wheat crop forecast amid persisting favorable weather conditions for winter wheat development.

Wheat harvest estimates now exceed the current year's figure of 92.8 million mt rising to 93.6 million mt, which would be the second-largest harvest in history after 2022, when 105 million mt were harvested.

The winter wheat harvest in 2024 is estimated at 67.7 million mt versus 63.8 million mt in 2023, while the spring wheat harvest is expected to be 25.9 million mt versus 28.9 million mt a year earlier.

Weather conditions for the new harvest have remained favorable over the past few months, resulting winter crop conditions that are above average for this period.

Weather models are forecasting mild temperatures in most winter crop-growing regions over the coming weeks.

Thus, analysts believe that in the absence of sudden temperature rises and serious frosts, the prospects for a new grain harvest in Russia remain good.