SUBSCRIBER NOTE: Agricensus to align FOB price marker laycans to better capture liquidity

15 Apr 2019

Following extensive feedback with industry participants across soybeans, grains, vegoils and vegmeal sectors, Agricensus is to align all the laycans of its FOB price markers to better capture more liquidity.

Current FOB markers for corn, wheat and sunoil reflect a 21-42 day rolling laycan from date of publications, for soybeans the laycan reflects the second month forward, while for other vegoils and meals they reflect the front month forward.

Effective April, all APMs will reflect the front month loading from 1-15th of the month and from the 16th to the end of the month the APMs will reflect second month loading.

So for example, from April 16 through May 15, the APMs will reflect the value of cargoes loading in June. And from May 16 through June 15 the APMs will reflect the value of cargoes loading in July.

This change will apply to flat price and premium assessments.

As always, premium assessments are priced against the futures contract for the month of shipment. If there is no futures contract for the month of shipment, the premium is versus the subsequent futures contract.

The change means the assessment period will now not cross over shipment months.

The forward curve assessments are not impacted and will roll on the 1st of the month. So, for example, on April 30, Month 1 will be May and Month 2 June, etc. While on May 1, Month 1 will be June and Month 2 will be July.

CIF US Gulf assessments are also not impacted and will continue to reflect the first full month delivery from the date of publication.

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