SUBSCRIBER NOTE: Suspension of Ukraine CPT corn, FOB sunoil price reporting

15 Mar 2022

Given the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by forces of the Russian Federation, Fastmarkets Agricensus has taken the decision to suspend pricing of certain markets amid a lack of physical cash market indications.

Effective immediately, Agricensus will formally suspend pricing of the CPT domestic Ukraine corn market and the Ukraine FOB sunoil assessment.

This decision follows the recent decision to suspend all Black Sea and Azov Sea freight coverage and delivered Marmara CIF wheat prices.

Furthermore, Agricensus confirms that FOB corn and wheat prices for Ukraine will continue to be published, although all coverage will continue to be reviewed. In lieu of physical cash market indications, Agricensus reminds subscribers that current methodology allows consideration of related commodities in relevant geographies to inform a price assessment.

Agricensus also commits to publishing any pricing information relating to any of Ukraine’s vital physical markets in a regular, daily pricing indicator.