Taiwan's FMA buys 109k mt US wheat for Jan-Feb

30 Nov 2023 | Masha Belikova

A Taiwan-based private importer has picked up 109,325 mt of US-origin milling wheat after concluding a tender on Thursday, trade sources have told Agricensus.

Taiwan's Flour Millers’ Association (FMA) booked wheat in two consignments for loading from the US Pacific ports and for arrival during January-February.

The first lot of 54,775 mt consisted of 34,200 tons of dark northern spring wheat (DNS) with a 14.5% protein level at $336.57/mt FOB sold by CHS. 

The rest of the volume was sold by United Grain Corporation, including 14,825 mt of hard red winter wheat (HRW) with 12.5% protein secured at $289.73/mt FOB and 5,750 mt of soft white wheat (SWW) with 8.5% - 10% bought at $268.70/mt.

The position was booked for the January 15-29 shipment and also included the freight rate at $37.94/mt.

A second consignment of 54,550 mt involved 32,900 mt of DNS 14.5% bought at $338.41/mt from CHS, along with 14,725 mt of HRW 12.5%  at $297.73/mt FOB and 6,925 mt of SWW 8.5-10 at $272.34/mt FOB secured by ADM.

The cargo is expected for shipment between February 2 and 16, and also includes the freight at $35.58/mt.

In its previous tender, which closed on October 26, Taiwan purchased an estimated 52,000 mt of US wheat for the December 18 January 1 shipment, with the prices paid seen at $340.98/mt FOB for DNS 14.5%, $290.21/mt FOB for HRW 12.5% and $270.06/mt FOB for SWW 8.5-10%, with the freight set at $35.45/mt.

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