UKRAINE DAILY CASH PRICES: Thursday, May 19, 2022

19 May 2022 | Agricensus staff

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought destruction and carnage to the heart of the Black Sea region and struck hard at the heart of one of the world’s most productive regions.

Fastmarket Agricensus commits to publishing on a daily basis the bids, offers, indicative levels or other cash trading indications on any basis and geography that relates to any of the vital markets that have strong ties with Ukraine.


Seller Ukrainian corn $290/mt FOB Reni, May. 

Seller Ukrainian corn $260/mt FOB Kiliia, May-June.

Seller Ukrainian corn $260-290/mt DAP EU borders, May-June. 

Seller Ukrainian 11.5-12.5% wheat $345-350/mt FOB Reni/Izmail.

Seller Ukrainian 11.5% wheat $450/mt versus bid at around $442/mt CIF Egypt, freight at around $100/mt.  

Seller Ukrainian sunoil $1,760/mt FOB Reni, June.

Seller Ukrainian sunoil $1,700/mt DAP Bulgaria, May-June.

Seller Ukrainian sunoil $1,950-2,000/mt CIF Turkey, June.

Buyer Ukrainian sunoil $1,740-1,750/mt DAP Bulgaria, May-June.

Buyer Ukrainian sunoil $1,450/mt DAP Poland, May-June.

Seller Ukrainian sunseeds $760/mt DAP Hungary, June.

Buyer Ukrainian sunseeds $755/mt DAP Bulgaria, May-June.

Seller Ukrainian sunseeds $895/mt CIF Marmara, freight at around $82/mt, May-June.

Buyer Ukrainian sunmeal $260-270/mt DAP Ukraine-Poland border, June-July.

Buyer Ukrainian sunmeal $463/mt CIF China, June-July.

Market views 

The number of Ukrainian sunoil offers was limited given the difficulties with logistics, despite some of the suppliers still managing to deliver the cargoes under the existing contracts.

May-June sunoil volumes were offered at prices starting at $1,760/mt FOB Reni, $1,700/mt DAP Bulgaria, and $1,950/mt CIF Turkey, with neither FOB nor CIF basis bids reported during the day.