Ukraine's grain harvest 48% complete, wheat harvest at 72%

3 Aug 2020 | Masha Belikova

Ukraine has now completed the harvest of grains and oilseeds on 7.2 million ha, or 47% of the expected planted area, with 27 million mt of grain already in the bins as of July 30, data from the country's agriculture ministry showed Monday.

Compared with last year, farmers were able to close the gap during the week by 12 percentage points to now lag only 9 points behind the 2019 situation.

Ukraine's wheat harvest is now complete on 4.8 million ha, with 18.3 million mt gathered in while barley is complete on 1.9 million ha with 6.9 million mt harvested.

That is 72% and 82% of the expected planted area respectively.

On the same date in 2019, 21.7 million mt of wheat had been harvested from 5.5 million ha, or 80% of the anticipated area, and 7.2 million mt of barley from 2.2 million ha (84%).

In terms of oilseeds, 1.8 million mt of rapeseeds were harvested from 845,000 ha, which accounts for 75% of the planting.

At the same stage of 2019, the rapeseed harvest was complete on 96% of the planted area at the same stage, with 2.9 million mt gathered from 1.2 million ha.

Ukraine's wheat production forecast stands at 24.7 million mt this year, a drop of 15% from last year, while barley production is expected to decline by 8% year-on-year to 8.6 million mt, according to USDA estimates.