Ukrainian authorities confirm commercial vessel hit at Pivdenniy port

8 Nov 2023 | Masha Belikova

Ukrainian authorities confirmed Wednesday an attack on the port of Pivdenniy, with a commercial vessel hit, a note via official channels showed.

According to trade sources, the vessel Ruler, with a deadweight of 92,000 mt, was entering the port to load iron ore destined for China when the attack happened and part of the vessel was hit by the missile.

The vessel was traveling under the Liberian flag.

According to Ukrainian officials, this is the 21st attack from Russia, which has been targeting port areas in Ukraine since the Black Sea grain corridor deal was canceled.

This has put the market in an uncertain position, as previously there were no reports of vessels being hit in Black Sea ports, while rather the port infrastructure was the target.

In the last few weeks, the freight rates for the vessels loaded from Ukrainian Black Sea ports have been on he decreases, as more and more companies are involved in the trade and more vessels are being fixed.