Ukrainian grain export passes 30 million mt, 20.5% down y-on-y

12 Feb 2021 | Masha Belikova

Weekly grain exports from Ukraine reached almost 1.3 million mt this week, to take the total for the marketing year to 30.1 million mt, leaving it still 20.5% down compared with last year’s pace.

Despite severe weather conditions that continue to slow physical loadings and truck arrivals in the ports, corn exports increased week-on-week by 52% to 657,000 mt.

Total corn exports now stand at 12.5 million mt, 28% lower than during the same period of last year and meaning that the country can export another 11.5 million mt of corn for the balance of the marketing year to stay within the agreed cap of 24 million mt until July 1.

Weekly wheat shipments were stable at 101,000 mt, taking the total export figure to 13.2 million mt and leaving 4.3 million mt available for export within the 17.5 million mt quota.

That amounts to roughly 226,000 mt per week through to July 1.

Barley exports were almost non-existent again, with total marketing year exports now at almost 4 million mt, 1% higher year-on-year.