Due to bank holidays in the various markets we cover, we will not always be able to produce the daily price assessments, or the news report, as follows:

Date Affected prices Daily report
1-Jan-19All pricesNo Report
4-Feb-19China CFR soybeanyes
5-Feb-19China CFR soybeanyes
6-Feb-19China CFR soybeanyes
7-Feb-19China CFR soybeanyes
8-Feb-19China CFR soybeanyes
5-Apr-19China CFR soybeanyes
19-Apr-19All prices (except Russia and Ukraine)No Report
22-Apr-19All prices (except Russia and Ukraine)No Report
1-May-19Brazil, Russia, CIF Marmara Wheat, Argentina, China, Ukraine (except sunoil)yes
6-May-19All prices (except Russia and Ukraine)No Report
27-May-19All prices (except Russia and Ukraine)No Report
7-Jun-19China CFR soybeanyes
26-Aug-19All pricesNo Report
13-Sep-19China CFR soybeanyes
1-Oct-19China CFR soybeanyes
2-Oct-19China CFR soybeanyes
3-Oct-19China CFR soybeanyes
4-Oct-19China CFR soybeanyes
7-Oct-19China CFR soybean, Australiayes
25-Dec-19All pricesNo Report
26-Dec-19All pricesNo Report