EU weekly soybean imports doubled to 215,8k, total at 6.77m mt

11 Jan 2022 | Anna Platonova

Weekly soybean imports into the EU almost doubled to 215,814 mt during the week ending January 9, bringing total imports since July 1, 2021, to 6.77 million mt, data from the European Commission showed Tuesday.

That's down 14% year-on-year, the data showed.

The Netherlands took the biggest volume of weekly bean imports at 131,014 mt, followed by Germany at 67,853 mt.

Soymeal imports into the EU during the week came in at 230,901 mt, with the lion’s share delivered into the Netherlands (62,067 mt), followed by Ireland (60,530 mt) and Spain (54,159 mt).

Total soymeal imports into the economic bloc from July 1, 2021, are now at 8.51 million mt, down 11% on the year.

Weekly deliveries of rapeseed to the EU fell to 5,514 mt, with the total rapeseed arrivals now standing at 2.56 million mt, down 33%.

EU sunoil imports during the week halved to 17,516 mt, taking total imports from July 1, 2021, to 892,480 mt, down 10% on the year.

The weekly imports of soybean oil to the EU amounted to 22,942 mt, which is the highest value since July 1, 2021, with a large share of imports coming from Spain at 19,569 mt.

Finally, weekly palm oil imports were at 17,046 mt, taking total arrivals to 2.79 million mt, down 13%.