Russian wheat harvest rose in week to Sep 14, now 70.7m

15 Sep 2021 | Anna Platonova

Russia's grain harvest advanced 2.9 million mt over the week to September 14 and is now complete on 37.2 million ha with 98.9 million mt of product already in the bins, data from the country’s agriculture ministry showed Wednesday.

Alongside that, winter sowings are now complete on approaching 7.8 million ha, while completion of the current Russian wheat harvest rose by 2 points over the week to 24.4 million ha or 70.7 million mt of grain harvested.

The increase in the harvested area for barley amounted to 100,000 hectares taking the total complete to 7.2 million hectares, with 17.5 million tons of barley in the bins.

Corn was harvested on 240,900 hectares, which produced 1.1 million mt with an average yield of 4.4mt/ha.

The USDA expects wheat production in Russia in the 2021/22 season to be 72.5 million mt, while expectations for barley fell by just over 5% to 18 million mt compared to the previous forecast.

The USDA also expects Russian corn to reach 15.5 million tonnes.

For sunseeds, the increase in the harvested area under sunflower has doubled to 1.2 million ha as farmers harvested 1.9 million mt.

The rapeseed harvest has reached 921,400 ha, while 1.7 million mt is now in the bins.

As for soybeans, the harvest more than doubled versus the previous week to 427,100 hectares, with 701,100 mt of soybeans now gathered in.

Sunflower production will amount to 15.5 million mt, soybean 4.6 million mt, rapeseed 2.75 million mt, according to USDA estimates.