Turkey's TMO launches sunoil tender for 18,000 mt Jul-Aug delivery

30 Jun 2022 | Anna Platonova

Turkey's state-backed grains and oilseeds importing agency TMO issued a tender Thursday for 18,000 mt of sunflower oil for delivery between July 20 and August 29 via Mersin ports and Hatay, market sources said.

The tender is expected to close Tuesday, July 5th.

A prerequisite for participation in the tender is the payment of imports in Turkish lira or US dollars, as well as the absence of the company from internationally published sanctions lists, market sources say.

According to Agricensus monitoring data, on Wednesday buyers' ideas for sunflower oil of Ukrainian origin landing in July were at $1,400/mt CIF Mersin.

At the same time, sources based in Turkey said prices for Russian sunoil were absent in the transition period while market participants wait for clarification of the future formula for calculating Russian oil export tax.

“We are waiting now for Russian tax news tomorrow,” Turkish-based broker Agricensus said.

According to the AgriCensus Export Dashboard, more than 85% of sunflower oil imported by Turkey comes from Russia.

In its latest tender, which closed on April 28, TMO bought 18,000 mt of sunflower oil from two suppliers.

TMO purchased 12,000 mt of sunflower oil from Turkey's Yayla trading house at $1,997/mt CFR Mersin and 6,000 mt of crude sunflower oil destined for the Tekirdag port from Prime trading house at $2,007/mt CFR.

Both shipments were to be delivered between May 15 and June 16.

Full details of TMO procurement can be found on the Agricensus Tenders Dashboard.