Ukraine's weekly grain export falls, 489k mt declared

10 Nov 2023 | Yuriy Sirosh

Ukraine's weekly grain export pace fell by 35% compared with the previous week and amounted to 489,000 mt declared, as a result of logistical issues and strategic changes in export policies implemented by the Ukrainian government to fight unofficial export schemes, according to government data Friday.

The weekly volume of corn declared for export amounted to 385,850 mt, which was 10% behind the previous week's pace, while the total corn volume exported since July 1 amounted to 4.1 million mt, or 46% lower year on year.

Spain was the leading destination for Ukrainian corn during the first ten days of November, with 317,062 mt declared for export, followed by Portugal (101,996 mt).

Ukrainian exporters registered 94,976 mt of wheat to go abroad during the reported period, while the total wheat exports since the start of the 2023/24 marketing year amounted to 4.8 million mt, which was 10% lower than at the same stage last year.

Spain and  Vietnam were leading destinations for Ukrainian wheat during the first ten days of November, with 167,277 mt proceeding to Spain and 88,288 mt to Vietnam.

In terms of barley, 10,000 mt were declared for export during the reporting week, while the total since the beginning of the new marketing year amounted to 700,000 mt, which was 40% lower year on year.