Ukrainian weekly sunoil exports fall 18% to 74k, total now 164.3k

14 Sep 2022 | Anna Platonova

Ukrainian weekly exports of sunflower oil fell nearly 18% from the previous week to 74,114 mt in the week ending September 13, official data showed on Wednesday.

The main export destinations since the beginning of September were Turkey with a share of 44,347 mt and Romania with a share of 33,426 mt.

The total export volume since the beginning of the 2022/23 season amounted to 164,352 mt.

Exports of sunflower seeds during the reporting week amounted to 42,890 mt, which is almost 53% higher than the level of the previous week.

The export of sunflower seeds since the beginning of the marketing year 2022/23 has increased to 71,329 mt.

Turkey and Bulgaria were the main buyers of Ukrainian sunflower seeds in early September with shares of 15,350 mt and 27,350 mt, respectively.

The deliveries of sunflower meal in the week until September 13 remained almost at the level of the previous week and were 47,839 mt s, bringing the total export from the beginning of the season to 99,421 mt.

The main export destinations for Ukrainian sunflower meal in the period from 1 to 13 September were Poland (17,562 mt) and Bulgaria (16,610 mt).

Exports of rapeseed in the reporting week increased by 16.5% to 168,819 mt, as a result of which exports of rapeseed since the beginning of the season increased to 1.12 million mt .

The main part of rapeseed deliveries in September was divided between Poland and Romania with shares of 49,657 tons and 130,383 mt respectively.